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Bye Bye Muffin top! Flat AB Focus: Heather Newman

Hey hey you guys! Welcome back to my blog - I'll try to keep this short and sweet so you don't spend too much time reading and you can get to work with this "No MORE Muffin Top" Workout that we do in my Barre class!

This little workout is to focus on strengthening your core and the lower belly which is really a spot a lot of people struggle with.

The Back work will help strengthen your CORE!

---> Before you read any further - I really want you to PRINT THIS OUT so you have a baseline of where to EVEN BEGIN: PRINT THIS NOW (you'll have to unlock with your email)

You can do these in any order that makes sense to you - remember it's to help tighten things up so the ABs can get to work.

If you are not sure at any time what these exercises mean or what they look like - be sure you go over to YOUTUBE for help as I have not uploaded my own workout here in the blog yet. You can always GOOGLE the workout name as well. They are pretty simple and basic to get you started though. Or you can always message me! You can find tons of my workouts and actually workout with me in my Virtual Fit Gym with me here:



1. Lat Pull Over 3X 12 Reps (that means 3 sets of 12 reps)---you can do these on a bench or on a mat. I personally prefer the mat to support the back and keep the back pushed down to the floor. You need one weight for this. Overhead - try not to bend the elbows. I used a 20 pound weight for this. If you are just starting out you might start with a 10 pound. You hold it with both hands. Targets back and dreaded back fat area.

2. Reverse crunches and extensions 3X 20 Reps. Target lower belly. Hold in the belly button.

3. Boat pose crunches.

4. AB tucks. Keep hands on ground. Flex feet. Core tight. 3X 12 Reps

5. One arm row. Start with a medium to light weight row. I use 10-15 pounds 3X 12 Reps. Then on a heavier weight if I bump it up, i'll do 20 pounds with 8 reps. Keep core tight holding in lower abdominal entire time. Hips are always squared off with the floor. Do not twist back and open up the hip to the side. Look down and keep neck in line with spine. Form is so important. I'm a FORM NAZI!

6. ABs - If you have a pullup bar - try for 1-3 to start. You continue to try and get better. Suspended knee lifts from a pullup bar if you have this luxury 3X 10 reps.

If you do not have a pullup bar - lay on your mat and do straight legs, flexed feet, knees together leg lifts. Pressing spine into mat, tight core. 4X 10 reps leaning back on elbows.

7. Reverse flies for back strength. I use 5-8 pound weights 3X 10 reps. Hold in that belly button, tight core.

8. Windshield wipers. Lay on back. Legs to table top position. Keep knees glued together drop knees 45 degrees to the right. Come back center for form and then 45 degrees to the left. Do not let shoulders come up off the floor. Twisting thru the core like a wet sponge. This is a timed exercise. Start with 60 seconds. Break and restart 3X 60 second sets.

This is one of my go to favorite workouts and I hope you enjoy it and actually take the time to TRY IT OUT and give me some feedback as to what you think. You can take a screen shot of this and print it out to try for a straight 7 days and SAY GOODBYE TO THOSE CUPCAKES (that's what I call Muffin Top - because Cupcakes sounds so much cuter than MUFFIN TOP)......



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