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Coaches Wanted: Heather Newman

I am So THRILLED to announce that my next coach mentorship will begin in just a few weeks !!! 

Spots will fill quickly as I am keeping this opportunity to ONLY a few EAGER People. If you want to apply please shoot me a msg or email and be sure to continue reading for all the details. 


If you have been thinking about making a change... whether that change means getting into a new career, making a difference and helping others in their health and fitness journey maybe while staying at your full-time job or even just incorporating something else on the side of your everyday life for some extra travel or house cash,  or maybe something even as major as quitting your full-time job, or what about simply living your passion, now is the time to get started! 

Let me be clear about what this is all about, I am not hiring, this is not an "Internship" .

This is an opportunity to learn how to ROCK this business and be your own boss! 

Have you ever seen my posts on Instagram and wondered, who the heck is this girl... Whats's her deal?

What the heck does she do working from home?  she seems to travel and be doing pretty well and loves talking about health & fitness all the time??? lol 

Yeah trust me, I know...sounds pretty crazy ! 

I remember when I first heard about coaching. I had all kinds of doubts. But something inside told me to look into it. For me this is no longer a "Dream job" but my REALITY. Every . Single . Day. 


What if I told you I could help YOU do the same?

I am looking for just A FEW (LIKE 5) incredibly passionate, driven, dedicated people who have a love health & fitness , but even more so LOVE to inspire others and change lives while working on there own..... 

Only 5 people whom I will mentor 1 on 1 on EXACTLY how to grow YOUR own business. 

2019, was insane.  I've helped over a ton of people start a home based fitness business this past year. 

Now I want to work with YOU. 



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