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Congratulations! You've almost completed the 30-Day challenge!

Hey there friend!

Ahhhhhh yes, you are almost there! You've almost completed the 30-day free challenge - Unless you fell off track - and if that's the case - IT'S OK!!! I'm all about that "RESET" button. The good thing is HOW YOU RESPOND if you fell off you get back on?? That's where the results happen and the mindset shifts. That's where you TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and don't give up on yourself!

If you did stay on course - I am so excited for you and impressed with everyone who has stayed IN THE GAME OVER THE LAST month ..... The results I have seen have been amazing and we are only just getting started!

Guess what? You have only seen a small glimpse of what is ahead for you.....

To stay on track and to make sure you don't lose your results, we need a game plan and this is exactly what we have for you right here to START TODAY!!!

Download PDF • 29.34MB


CONGRATULATIONS - on almost COMPLETING THE 30-DAY CHALLENGE!!! Are you ready to get serious about your nutrition game now??


Ready to REBOOT OR RESET? click below to RESET your challenge today -


Now imagine this 30 day challenge, but with ALL OF THIS ADDED:

----everyday a new :10 minute workout with me

----Full Online library of exclusive workouts

----personal coach that will be there for you when you need


--collect points to redeem for rewards and prizes for doing your daily activities

--private facebook group for motivation

--exclusive weekly live workouts BONUS AND BOOST pop-ups

--mindset courses

--private chat sessions for HAPPY, POSITIVE MINDSET tools

and so much more, all in one super easy to use ONLINE STUDIO that costs less than a coffee!!! TONE Online PRIVATE studio!

Let's act right now before you lose the momentum you just worked so hard to build

Get yourself access to our VIP program for less than $2.50 a week

Get registered here and we will give you the full tour of what's inside our incredible Online Private Member Only Studio....get your next goals set and welcome you into our VIP TONE COMMUNITY!

See you there and act now to keep your results going.....

Love, Heather



Listen to the latest PODCAST - it's def one you don't want to miss...talking about THE WORLD AND THE ICKY RABBIT HOLE.....blah!


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