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Coronavirus quarantine: 7 things to do while trapped inside !

Seven things to do while you are in quarantine or self-isolation:

1. Phone a friend! I know's been so long since we actually heard some of those voices. With text and busy schedules...this one is a no brainer. Catch up on the phone with someone who is on your mind.

2. Workout at home. If you are clueless where to begin - I have the easiest place to start - free online workouts for you lined out for TWO ENTIRE WEEKS. Each workout is 30 minutes or less and you'll feel like a new person after you complete your first one - i promise! It's addictive and it helps release those HAPPY VIBES!!!

3. Read 5 books or listen to 5 books on audible. Or find a new MOTIVATING, POSITIVE AND UPLIFTING PODCAST! Podcasts are great to plug into your ears as you clean the house, do the laundry or put on your makeup.......!!! Subscribe to the #getUnstuck Podcast here - it's an uplifting one!!! :)

4. Get in touch with meditation or nature. Take a walk. There is an APP that I like called CALM - I'll link it for you here. It's a great way to meditate in a quiet space and get your mind clear. Try putting in your earbuds and listening to this app. It's really one of my favorites.

5. Grow your mind, take an online course or even one of my mini courses on hashtags, Dream Boards, Goal setting, Get shredded Abs, etc. There are tons of fun things you can put into play from online mini-workshops. I'll share my favorites with you here....I bet you didn't even know I had a full library did you??

SEE ALL OF MY MINI-COURSES HERE: Some are FREE DOWNLOADS that you can print and put in a binder to go thru daily and really invest in yourself.

6. Cook something new. Meal prep. Learn a new healthier way of eating. Here is one of my favorite BLOG POSTS about an awesome cookbook for living healthier and eating yummy meals.

7. DeClutter. Take the 30 day Declutter Challenge. Clean up and clean out. Here is a printable calendar for you to make it easy. I love this challenge.


I hope you find these favorites of mine helpful. Be sure to share with a friend who might need one or ALL OF THESE during this time of ____________________!!!

xoxo, Heather

click photo below for cookbook blog to read in full.....

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