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Create a Morning Routine: Change your LIFE!

Did you know that MOST of the world’s most successful people (think Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Steve Jobs, Marie Kondo, and Tony Robbins, just to name a few) have fixed morning routines as daily anchors in their lives?

It’s true: starting your day with a series of routine habits can change your daily tone for the entire 24 hours—and your life—for the better.

Before I share some ideas for what your morning routine might look like, here are two things I recommend you don’t do first thing in the morning:

Don’t hit snooze. Not only does this defeat the purpose of getting up in a timely manner, but renowned author/speaker Mel Robbins talks about how hitting the snooze button actually kills your productivity by messing with your brain.

So when that alarm goes off, get right up! Mel recommends keeping your alarm or phone in the other room overnight for this very reason.

Don’t look at your phone. This is a tough one, I know. For many of us, rolling over and grabbing our phones right away to catch up with whatever we think we might have missed...... is a seriously ingrained habit. But beginning our day this way is not only a huge de-motivator, but it can also increase stress and anxiety as we’re bombarded by to-dos, daily news, and other noise. It's too much, too soon! In fact, Mel Robbin’s teaching taught me to actually use my echo dot as my alarm clock, instead of phone. It’s been a game-changer! TRY IT! You won't die, i promise!

Crafting the perfect morning routine means customizing a series of activities and steps that are good for your individual body and mind. It’ll look different for everyone. But here are some ideas for what kinds of things you might include:

Read something inspiring Maybe it’s a personal development book, the Bible, fiction, or poetry—read whatever makes your heart smile and gets you excited to tackle the day.

Hydrate A full night’s sleep can leave our bodies craving hydration. Start your day with plenty to drink so you can function at your best. I personally love my MORNING UNICORN JUICE/go go juice for a quick boost in energy and hydration.

Get outside There’s something about nature that calms our spirits and refreshes our souls. I like to spend a few minutes each morning on my patio reflecting and journaling to appreciate the day.

Exercise For many of us, exercising first thing in the morning is the best time. I want to start each day feeling empowered and energized, so a 30-40-minute workout after waking up is a non-negotiable for me. My daily VIRTUAL FIT-FLIX of workout choices make it super easy to load up a workout the night before and hit the ground running. I pick my workout and my trainer! My terms on my time!

Gratitude Take a few minutes to appreciate all the good in your life. It’s incredible how much spending time steeped in thankfulness can positively impact your mood and outlook. Journal it! IT's a game changer.

Journal or meditate Reflection and quiet can be powerful aspects of a morning routine. For some, this means meditation. For others, just sitting in quiet solitude can do the trick. And many find journaling a helpful habit, too. (me, me, me)

Plan your day Locking in your to-dos and setting your daily intentions first thing in the morning can ensure you stay focused and accomplish the most important things. Choose a digital planner, a simple notepad, or a printed calendar to keep track. I personally am a pen to paper chic and have to check off the boxes to feel accomplished!

As you start thinking about crafting a new morning routine–or tweaking your existing one—keep this in mind: it’s often better to start small and build from there. If you try making a massive overhaul to your mornings all at once, it may get overwhelming. Start by incorporating one habit at a time and add as you go. Also, remember that your morning habits don’t have to be elaborate or intense. Sometimes the simplest habits can be the most transformative.

Above all else, find what works for you and stick with it. If you’re eager to make fitness part of your daily routine, I’d love to help. Reach out to me and I can share some ideas and tools with you!


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