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I just received a message from someone who is INTERESTED in joining but she wasn't sure how it works! . To keep things super simple, we start with BABY STEPS! I don't ever want you feel OVERWHELM - because, that's going to cause you to SHUT-DOWN and QUIT! So, one baby step at a time, you pick your plan - by becoming a TONE VIP MEMBER, you unlock ALL ACCESS to your own member portal that is LOADED WITH PROGRAMS AND NUTRITION GUIDANCE ...... Take a moment to wrap your head around the fact that "YOU ARE NOW AN OFFICIAL TONE-BABE......" and you are making changes toward BEING THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE! It all starts with one button, once you become a TONE VIP MEMBER, you will have your own LOGIN to the MEMBER PORTAL---I ask you to GRAB AN EMPTY BINDER because you're about to have EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER NEEDED to reach your health & fitness goals! You will keep a FIT-BINDER and you will be admitted into our PRIVATE/CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP where other WOMEN just like you are on their own journey too - it's a small group - we keep it small and you'll have the support of PUSH COACHES on the TONE TEAM available for accountability, step by step how to get started and anything you could ever NEED to start your NEW HEALTHY JOURNEY!! ---Did I mention we have FUN??? we make workouts fun - we start at only 10 minutes a day (or 3x, 4x when you feel ready) - it's the perfect PLAN to get you to your goals and we EAT FOOD! ---Join us and then hop in the FB GROUP and let's get you started today - many many options to choose from, but i'll COACH YOU along the way - it's the best way I can SHARE MY LOVE AND PASSION for fitness and wellness - I share everything with you!!!! xo, H


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