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DID YOU KNOW that CLUTTER is not a STUFF problem??? It’s a behavior problem!

DID YOU KNOW that CLUTTER is not a STUFF problem??? It’s a behavior problem! . “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”!—- Alexander Graham Bell . The way you do anything is the way you do everything! . “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”. —Admiral Bill McRaven (Navy seal) . It’s intriguing to me as I dig deeper with my clients one on one to realize how your environment is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts. If you’re sitting in a room right now that’s full of clutter, it’s probably because your mind is the exact same way. . If you feel stuck or overwhelmed with the clutter around you, there is hope! I have a passion for goals, success stories and practical teachings and I’m going to show you how to organize your life. There is a connection between organization and success. Clutter effects more than your home! You’ve got to learn how to overcome procrastination first and then learn the 7 KEY habits to excellence! I’m sharing these 7 Keys this entire month so keep checking my latest blog posts at Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single habit! KEY HABIT #1 IS BELOW: Let me know what you think! Do you agree? Does this hit home with you by chance? If so, know that you are not alone and with these 7 HABITS you'll have a grip on this by the end of the month! X.H✨💋


Ok, wait.........detour.......

BEFORE I share Habit #1 like I thought I would in this blog post - I want you to remember that no one gets ahead by striving for mediocrity!

God cannot use you publicly until you've gotten victory PRIVATELY!

That's a statement with powerful impact! What you do behind the scenes has more significance than what you do before a crowd! It is all part of the prep work for where GOD want to take you next.

-----This was a game changer for me - I read this and thought on it for days upon days! God cannot use you publicly until you've gotten victory PRIVATELY!!

When I began my journey into personal growth I learned these words to have true power and stuck with me..... Clean up and clean out! It set me up for success to say the least! As my environment improved my mindset improved. As my home was cleaned, my heart got cleaned. As my surroundings had order, my life had order. This routine of cleanliness and organization had more to do with what God was preparing me for than simply having stacked yoga pants, uniform utensils and all of the holiday decor neatly arranged in the attic. It was all about gearing up for greatness.

IT's one thing to set aside time to overhaul and declutter your home in a week or even a day but to maintain this habit is the KEY! It is not easy by any means, trust me, I still struggle and get overwhelmed and just wish calgon would take me away.....

If you are not careful you can start to complain, dread or feel sorry for yourself for having to work so hard to keep this new standard when those around you seem to be so carefree and could care less right?!!

I have fallen into that trap many of times too. I remind myself with some teachings that I LIVE BY - I'm going to share with you - "Don't be average! .... and you're life won't be average"! WOW!!!! right!! Think about how that applies to every area of your life! You don't be average and your career won't be average. You don't be average and your finances won't be average. You don't be average and your marriage won't be average. You don't be average and your children won't be average! You don't be average and your body won't be average!

That changed my life and changed my lifestyle!

I want you to think of that statement each morning you make the bed, load the dishwasher, go to the gym, save the money, hang up the clothes, fold the towels, read the book, attend the seminar, vacuum the floor, make your declarations, listen to my podcast, budget the finances, and clean out the car. Don't be average and your life won't be average. IT won't.

Pursue excellence and success will pursue you!

I'll share HABIT NUMBER ONE in my next blog post!

Stay tuned........


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