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did you make it with us to the final 10 ? are you signed up for the january kick off yet?

Time to get in the spirit What are you MOST excited for in December?!!

Any travel plans? Family you maybe haven’t seen in a while? The amazing winter sunsets in Louisiana over the Lake?

Holidays can be such a busy time which is why I have you covered when it comes to fitness and keeping that body movin’

Keep an eye out for a SURPRISE coming in January !! Here’s your hint: BOOT CAMP!!!!

----if you haven't joined our HEART100 CHALLENGE - you still have time. THE FINAL 10 WORKOUTS ARE GOING LIVE in the Online Studio this week. Special going on now for a limited time, grab your spot so you are IN FOR JANUARY'S SPECIAL WORKOUT PLAN - it's the best yet!


Woooo - hoooooo, tomorrow is DAY 1/10 FOR THE FINAL 10 HEART100!!!! You did it!!! Check your TONE ONLINE STUDIO PORTAL for your guide and workouts. You are going to love love love these! Easy and effective - you will need some light weights for some days of the FINAL 10......get ready - BLOCK OUT YOUR TIME AND SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS THIS WEEK with me! Videos will always be in your WWW.TONEN10.COM studio member portal......under HEART100 ----- if you haven't joined yet, now is the time. We have a 3/month special going on that will get you A RESERVED SPOT FOR JANUARY BOOT CAMP!!!!!



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