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Disney - Packing tips : What's in my Bag?! Heather Newman

Well, we all know it's not cool to be stuck in Disney and NOT HAVE EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT NEED - because if you have to buy it there - lordy mercy get the credit card prepared for burnout -

Ok, I'm gonna list the items that are my essentials for my BAGS that I actually take into the parks.

These items are for Disney World in Florida (as Cali weather is a little different) and we are going in February so keep weather in mind at all times.

Layer, layer, layer! It's gonna be chilly in the early mornings when the parks open and it's gonna be chilly in the evenings.

If you are going to be leaving and hopping parks, you may not need all of this but this is for a full day at SAY MAGIC KINGDOM!! Be prepared.... It's gonna rain - I am 90% sure it will rain sometime at some part of your trip so bring your ponchos unless you want to buy your cute Mickey one for $20 a pop. Honestly the ponchos also come in handy for the water rides because - EVERYONE GETS WET!!!

Bring an extra pair of socks too (again water rides) WHO WANTs to walk around in wet freaking socks?? Not me!!

Ok, Bring a pair of socks for everyone in your party in a zippy bag. That way you can put your wet socks in the zippy so it doesn't contaminate your dry items - :) winning!!

Ok, so when I get to the park, I rent a locker. I put my LARGER BACKPACK in the locker for the day with all the essentials that we can go grab if and when needed.

I wear and bring a smaller backpack for the items I need ON HAND - some rides make you lock those up before riding which is a pain but we all need our goods for a fun exciting Disney day!!!

In the SMALLER BACKPACK: I have a few, I alternate depending on the park we are headed to. Monsters Inc is my favorite but I also have a Mickey, Harry Potter, Red Mickey Ears purse and the Incredibles - lol :)

Items that I carry in smaller backpack:



cash - i try to use cash budget per day

credit card for emergencies only

Water Bottle that squishes to flat - you can refill your water bottles in restaurants for refilling your water bottles vs $6 for every bottled water - stay hydrated

Zippy Pouch of essentials:

wet wipes

sunscreen - again major essential spf 45

Emergency essentials (daily):

phone backup chargers - one for every phone in your party - your phone will die at Disney - you are checking wait times, texting, photos, etc.

----> fuel rod is at Disney for $30 which are cool - they are ready to go and you can swap them out for full charged one

Zippy bag of gum and mints takes up less room


Cold Calm - cold remedy - I swear by these - sign of illness - pop it- GERMS

eye drops for contacts

stain stick by Tide


hair band


little bag of advil and bonine (motion sickness/rides)


Lockers are about $7 per day: Larger backpack goes straight into locker:


mini umbrella

Lip Balm incase you lose the other one of course

Snacks - healthy options

Emergency pack: bandaids, toe nail clippers, backup sunscreen, liquid bandaid is best for blisters, baby powder (guys you know), hairbands, emory boards, neosporin, floss, contacts, advil, bonine back ups (less drowsy formula)

Girls, if you touch up makeup ( i personally do not) bring your makeup backup in your bag in the locker if you get oily or sweaty, etc.

backup Flip Flops incase feet hurt after a while you can switch out

other backup sweatshirt or jacket in bottom of the bag

That's a lot - you can pick and choose what works for your group - of course.....



Please subscribe to my BLOG - i love having fun with you - and sharing all the things that work for me!!

xoxo, Heather


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