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Do you, Be you: Stop worrying about other people's opinions of you!

About 6 months after this picture was taken, A LOT CHANGED!

About 6 months after this picture was taken, the wheels were turning in my head - wondering and maybe a little bit of laughing - how many people look at these posts and just wonder "why the #### does she keep posting a mirror selfie of herself" lol

About 6 months after reflecting back on this picture (and many others) I knew that MY GOAL was to MAKE AN IMPACT and I wasn't sure how to RELAY that or DO THAT the way I really wanted to.

The truth is - the best way to do that is TO JUST BE REAL AND AUTHENTIC AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME!

So if you see a random BARRE or garage workout selfie - it's not because I'm a selfie snob, it's not to boost, brag or to be criticized - it's truly because I check in with a squad every single day of my life and I want to provide VALUE to you! The other thing to keep in mind is that I don't have a personal PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER HANDY to help out with my BLOG POSTS and I simply am addicted to PHOTOS (it's always been a hobby of mind (photos) would you flip if I told you I have over 45k+ in my IPHONE alone??) - NO lie! ....Ask my family - this is why I have to get the largest STORAGE POSSIBLE....I own a fancy camera too (photos are truly a hobby of mine)-- I love ALL TYPES of pictures, AND the cool FILTER apps, graphics & options ARE SOOOO MUCH FUN TO PLAY AROUND WITH -

Other fun facts about me - > I'm a bit sarcastic at times, I am a home-body by nature (give me a bunch of fluffy pillows, surrounded by my family, dogs and fuzzy blankets, healthy treats and chocolate with a good FUNNY (i mean the kind that make your belly hurt and you want to cry laughing so hard) UPLIFTING MOVIE (or standup clean comedy) ---> nothing beats it! Hubby and I are protective parents (we feel it's our most important JOB on the planet to provide education, continued knowledge and growth, financial tools for success & future stability & planning, guidance) ----

So the point of this post was to make you realize that there will come a day when a SIMPLE PHOTO you snap will some day become a reminder of the "before you"--- that you never saw coming!! It will allow you to reflect BACK and on that day, I hope you SEE HOW FAR YOU'VE COME, how much you've grown and how wonderfully made you really are. Be uniquely you and embrace it!

I hope you realize how little other people's opinions matter!

Always rooting for you!



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