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You guys, I don't just post to post on the daily - TRULY I WANT TO BRING AN EXPERIENCE TO YOU with some value----- I want to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zones! Be it that you are tired, feeling fluffy, just down in the dumps or un-motivated - there are so many options for you to TRY AND DO here in our FIT FACTORY - the options are limitless honestly!

If you’re looking for THAT ONE PERSON who can change your life!!! .




LIFE is SO special, abundant, & extra SWEET when you SEE THE BLESSINGS and not look for the bad stuff


It’s OK to be imperfect, it’s OK to hang out in loungewear all day or yoga pants, whatever you feel like!!! It’s OK to cry, sometimes that’s the best therapy just to release all the stress!! You’re doing a great job wearing all the hats and juggling all the things!!! You are strong and you are worthy!!

What COULD YOU BE DOING right now to invest in yourself today? Well, here are just a few examples...

  1. The APRIL MONTHLY CHALLENGE - this gives you a meal plan and a workout calendar to follow using TONEN10.COM and/or the combo of BOD BUM BUM BOOTYCAMP workouts which is an amazing HYBRID of workouts that you can do 3-4-5-7 days a week - it's up to you that's what is so cool about it - you commit and show up - that's it!

  2. TONEN10.COM monthly VIP membership allows you to start the 32-week LEVEL UP program with a new workout every single day with me in the Online Studio from your laptop or desktop that literally takes :10 minutes!!!! 10 minutes - it doesn't have to be perfect JUST SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF FOR 10 MINUTES A DAY until you are ready for more!!! SHOW UP AND MOVE YOUR BODY - stop making excuses and not putting yourself and your health as a priority.

  3. 7-DAY SUGAR DETOX - duh Sugar is the Devil: 7-Day Sugar Detox - IT'S NOW AVAILABLE on and BARNES & NOBLE!!!! It finally made to BARNES & NOBLE!!!

  4. Start with a simple change in habits MORNING ROUTINE!!! It starts with a Journal and drinking some lemon water and meditating for 5 minutes - writing down in your gratitude journal and go from there - I coach these types of meditations in our online studio too!! Little change in habits daily snowball into BIG BIG THINGS later - let's start to set some little baby goals in your Unleash Journal to get your life on track and start moving the needle in the direction that you want it to go!

  5. CLEAN WEEK - you can simply start with cleaning up your eating with a CLEAN WEEK - click here to get started - it's soooooooo goood!!! This is what Ken and I did back in 2017 along with some of our amazing NOLA FIT COACHES AND PUSH COACHES in this exact group!!!!

  6. SUMMER SHRED - you can do this often, anytime you choose - it's like a 3 day on - 4 day off routine to get your weight where you want it!!! click here for all the info---

  7. Ya know when I first started coaching - i had already been teaching fitness but i wanted something more personal and exciting and some way to HELP OTHERS SUCCEED TOO!! the best way I found to get the momentum going was to become a COACH and no you don't need to teach fitness to be a coach on TEAM NOLA FIT - there are 2 different types of coaches in our FIT FACTORY!! We have TEAM NOLA FIT coaches who use the superfoods smoothies and unicorn crack and all the supplements to get a 25% off discount and TEAM NOLA FIT utilizes the over 4000+ workouts in our FITLFLIX LIBRARY trained by master trainers all over the USA!!! The second coach is a TONE PUSH COACH - this coach is someone who helps others when they are struggling and checks in on TEAM MEMBERS when they are quiet to see what challenges they are facing - they simply help US STAY ON TRACK AND PUSH YOU TO BE YOUR BEST!!! you can apply to be either of these by simply emailing if you'd like more info on both or one or whatever - the point being that it is something that KEEPS YOU ACCOUNTABLE KNOWING THAT YOU ARE A COACH TOO - BEING A LEADER IN THE HEALTH AND FITNESS WORLD!!!!! I can teach you how to post on social and grow your biz if that's what you want to do too! I'd be your MENTOR!

  8. .....and now I've just opened up a brand new affiliate program to become a TONE BABE AMBASSADOR for T10!!! For more details click here ---- - i mean seriously if you are gonna make health and fitness work in your life - it's best to make it fun and really be a PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER to keep you PLUGGED IN!!! why don't you start by becoming an AMBASSADOR TODAY - you can help others!! Get them off the couch and MOVING TOO!! Be the light - spread some positivity and let's SPARKLE IN THIS WORLD - BE THE LIGHT!!!!

Luv you all so much - you truly mean so much to me and I care about your success - now and in the future - thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey - TOGETHER WE CAN GET EVERYONE OFF THE SOFA!!! AND OUT OF THE HOSPITALS AND DR OFFICES!!!! Let's TEAM UP!


Wanna know something we’ve got in common?!! At one point... we finally said... ENOUGH!! I’m tired of being sick and tired! I wanna DO WHAT SHES DOING.... if she can do it, I can do it! and joined a challenge group. Look at us now🥰🙌🏻😭 the best bonds ever and it all came from a leap of faith and giving up the crap excuses.

I share with you every single day what I

used to CHANGE MY LIFE...’s what it’s REALLY ABOUT.

1. You’ve ‘tried everything’ already and nothing worked.🤷🏼‍♀️

2. You lose 5 pounds by starving yourself and then gain it all back when you actually eat again. SO NOTHING WORKS FOR YOU.🤦🏼‍♀️

3. You don’t like to workout and this looks hard. (choose your hard babe!! Personally I believe It’s way harder to be unhappy & overweight and at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc). It's about what's going on - on the INSIDE TOO!

4. Your friends might think you’ve lost your mind.🙄 (if they don’t support you then they ARE NOT TRUE friends to begin with) PERIOD!!

5. OMG. You WILL get results and I will help you change your whole life for good. That’s scary stuff too. And ya might get abs. And be annoyingly happy daily. THAT'S SO Terrifying 😘😘 (sarcasm)

6. You will actually start to ENJOY working out without getting BORED TO TEARS

7. You will need to buy new clothes with the body you’ll create and fall in love with.

8. And maybe you’re just feeling guilty bc you’d be investing IN YOURSELF and that’s hard. When YOU ARE HAPPY, Everyone in the fam is happy.

You CHOOSE your hard. GIVE ME 30 DAYS.

Enrollment open until Monday for a CLEAN WEEK and/or SUMMER SHRED nutrition programs!!! IT WILL WORK if you do💕 other FIT FACTORY options are at and

Options here --->

---these cool yoga pants are linked in my instagram bio too with a discount code!




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