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Episode 27: Podcast is Live: My Fitness Hacks and How to Get Motivated to Workout in the Morning


Ya'll, I cannot thank you enough for pushing me to record this one. I posted most of this information on my BLOG yesterday and the request for the links to everything I mentioned are included there and in the show notes from this EPISODE 27: PODCAST on the #getUnstuck with Heather Podcast (on Itunes) - you know you can also listen straight from here too though right?? Click on the menu tab and hit podcast!


I love that you loved this post and hopefully you enjoy it in podcast form as well. I asked on a poll in my Instagram stories yesterday if you prefer blogs with links over social media LIVE VIDEOS and the answer was yes! I will def keep that in mind! And some of you like YOUTUBE videos - although I record for my FIT SQUAD and BFF's (for hang outs and such) has never really been my FAVORITE thing - I soooo love photos and editing and graphics and yes, you guessed it PODCASTING!!! But I wanted to let you know that my Podcasts are all linked to my Youtube channel so you can catch up over there too! Youtube only allows 1 podcast upload per week so ALL of them are not there but most of them are! If you rather I ATTEMPT to do more videos - I mean, I guess I can try but I really try to reach YOU where you hang out and most of my BFF FIT FRIENDS are on Facebook, Snapchat, HERE ON THE BLOG, and podcasts!!! and ....I'm totally cool with that!

Please take a moment and share this with a friend who might need to hear this EPISODE 27: to help them get some motivation to start changing their daily habits to establish a healthier lifestyle by changing a few morning routines that can honestly lead to a NEW YOU in 21 days!

I'd love to have you join my BFF ONLINE GYM - so why don't you hop on over and JUST TRY IT OUT with me? It could be exactly what you need in your life to help you with accountability - you just never know!

xx, H



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