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Exclusive Bikini BootyCamp Sneak Peek: Heather Newman

This post just went LIVE on my facebook page. I wanted to take a moment to personally invite YOU - my loyal friend!

I know TIMING IS EVERYTHING so now that all the hoopla is over - let's talk about those NEW YEAR goals you had in place that went BYE BYE - I am super excited for my favorite 4-week BIKINI BOOTYCAMP that kicks off LIKE NOW!  I thought about you and I am holding you a spot but you gotta grab it because I know they will fill up fast......3- easy steps that will legit change your future, get goals in place, and initiate action.  You will feel like a new person in 4 - weeks AS YOU FOLLOW ALONG in your workbook as we walk hand 'n hand thru this journey together.  It's not restrictive but I have it all spelled out for you.   It's all virtual.  You do the workouts from home and they only take :30 minutes a day.  PLUS BONUS, we are off on Sundays!!!  Sundays we plan for the next week ahead with my mix 'n match meal plan - you plug in the recipes into your workbook and BAM - YOU ARE SET for a healthy ride - GET READY FOR TAKE OFF -

Just think how much better you can feel in just 4-weeks!  I can't wait to get you plugged in and get your BOARDING PASS in place!  Here is how you join.  (if you are on the fence and want more info, you can read this blog post to learn more Step one: REGISTER HERE:


Step THREE: Join the private group and print your FREE 32-Page Workbook to get ready for TAKEOFF!


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