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FALL WARDROBE ESSENTIALS: hat & sunnies dressed up or down!

The hat and the Sunglasses [SUNNIES] every woman needs in her closet!! can be dressed up or down and or crazy practical all season long!!

FIRST, please take a moment and click right here so you don't miss!!! ♡ PRODUCTS MENTIONED All My Favs Mentioned :

OK, let's chat......

I'm so very excited to be blogging a little bit again for some awesome fashion finds...

I haven't had time to do this in so long and I forgot how much I truly enjoy it. It's very very time consuming but it brings me joy sharing some really cool shopping finds with you and I hope you like some of my STYLE options too! I always look for the DUPE to save us some $$$$$$ - we can be stylish and money smart!!

I was a true beauty blogger and youtuber back in 2011-2012 etc then I took a break when the boys needed more of ME AND MY ATTENTION .....

So, FITNESS is my true passion but did you know that I love beauty, anti-aging HACKS and fashion too????

I'm a handbag fanatic but not as bad as I used to be. I graduated from Louis Vuitton everything to a few classic chanel pieces in my collection and I used to want the biggest bag to carry - where as now I like a small compact necessities only kind of bag.

I resell some items over on Poshmark so be sure to find that link down below too......

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I'm so happy to be posting some FALL FASHION FINDS again, i've missed it so much! Be sure to scroll all the way down and make sure you subscribe to all the goodies and links below! These sunnies are the dupes for the $400 chloe version but these are only $14.99!!!!! I got them in both colors because - hello - that's the best DUPE i've found in a long time.

The hat is a staple for the FALL AND WINTER - it can be dressed up or down!

Let me know if you grab these fun leopard leggings too!! I linked a few options that I love!

Did you catch the blog post on the amazing amazon finds yet too? Check out the MICROWAVE LITTLE PERSON WHO CLEANS YOUR micro food for you - IT'S SO SUPER CUTE and it works!!! CLICK HERE

Here is the link that that full blog post, click here


Isn't she i think you need her tooo! SHE FREAKING WORKS!!!

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♡ PRODUCTS MENTIONED All My Favs Mentioned :



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