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Feel like a Super Hero. Start moving baby steps

For THOSE WHO DON'T WANT TO JOIN a gym or a particular program ---- YET......

but want to get started MOVING your body and paying more attention to your HEALTH & FITNESS in the NEW YEAR...join me virtually and BET ON YOU this NEW YEAR!!!

JAN 9TH - I'm doing a 12 day SUPER HERO FIT WITH HEATHER SUPER challenge. It is a $12 entry fee and each day you complete the challenge and check in. If you complete all 12 challenges, you are entered into the drawing to win $$$$.

so BET ON YOU this January!!

JAN 9-JAN 21

So, grab a friend to hold each other accountable and join me for 12 days of mini challenges for ABS, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, STRETCH, UPPER BODY, HIIT!!!!!

$12 "skin in the game"

Please venmo @Heather-Newman-Fitness by JAN 7TH at 11:59PM CST ****include your FB name so I do not delete you and I can send you a private message with your next step!


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