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Find the Beauty in This BEAST! | Be the Light! Heather Newman

In a world that feels like the walls are caving in......we have to BE DIFFERENT, we have to ask ourselves, who are we going to be when we come out of the other end of THIS?

Remember all of those excuses that "I didn't have time" to do X Y OR Z - well, guess is the time. We are in a MAJOR WORLD SHUT DOWN and it's time to REBOOT. Guess what, the gasoline that we griped about - it's .99 cents a gallon. It might even go to .50 cents a gallon but guess what? We aren't going anywhere!

No more complaining about the LONG LINES WE WAITED IN IN DISNEY WORLD just a month ago- Nope, we aren't going to DISNEY - Not for a while.

I wonder how many companies will even be in business after this is all over?!@#$ We don't know and that is why I ask of you to do what you CAN NOW to become the PERSON YOU WANT TO BE when this is over. Let's find the BEAUTY of this MESSAGE that GOD is sending to us.

Ya know, there are 5 stages of LOSS - and yes my friend we are all going thru a major LOSS RIGHT NOW. Income, jobs, economy, health - all of it.

The first stage is DENIAL and I am witnessing so many out there in complete denial that the world has shut down pretty much.

Yes, we take one day at a time, there is a lot of uncertainty around us but WE CANNOT STAY IN DENIAL.

The second stage of LOSS is Anger - well, you hear friends and neighbors feeling the anger and playing the victim. Don't fall into that trap. Keep moving. Keep looking for the silver lining and keep planning ahead for your future. Figure out a way to see the beauty here - Be the light!

If someone is bringing you down watching too much of the news and waiting for something GOOD TO POP UP - HELLO - YOU ARE IN DENIAL - STOP WATCHING THE NEWS. SHUT DOWN SOCIAL MEDIA. GO LEARN, GO READ ABOUT HISTORY, go figure out a new normal - a new way to make a dollar.

Sell anything you don't need.

Stop subscriptions that you don't really need.

Return anything that was unopened that you bought - return it.

The third stage is bargaining (everything is gonna be alright).......and the fourth stage is DEPRESSION. Depression happens as a response of not accepting.

The last stage is ACCEPTANCE! JUMP HERE - AND JUMP HERE NOW! Accept what is actually going on around us. You are smarter than just the media waiting for a CURE. You and I both know that the world we lived in has just changed forever and now we need to find the BEAUTY HERE and begin to find our new normal. How you act now will make a huge difference in where you land when this passes.

We don't know how long we are here folks. This could be a few weeks, a few months or this could be our NEW 2020 -

Stop waiting for the TV TO BRING YOU GOOD RESULTS and a sudden change. Think about it - nothing is going to change overnight.

So, my message here is to pump you up and realize that YOUR ROUTINE THAT YOU IMPLEMENT NOW - TODAY is going to set you up for success in the future.

Wake up at a decent working time. Get to work daily figuring out your game plan. What expenses can you cut NOW - TODAY - NOT 6 MONTHS FROM NOW!!! How long will your savings last you and what food can you grow on your own? Start now.

Exercise - well, this is one I often here "I just don't have time" ha/ha well, NOW YOU HAVE TIME---now it's a matter of you making it a top priority in your daily routine to stay strong and be as healthy as you can. It's not about losing weight (unless you are obese and I don't mean that in an ugly way) I mean this from a heart filled sincere caring way.

We workout daily for heart health and keeping the body in TOP CONDITION - so what's your excuse now?

I'm sorry if this sounds like tough love - I just found myself questioning so many things and I finally had to HIT THE REBOOT BUTTON and realize that the way I react today and the response I have today to everything is going to really affect everything in 6 months!

1. Cut expenses you don't need ASAP!!!

2. Figure out how much savings you have and how long will that last for you to live ON.

3. Call your mortgage company today to see if they can freeze your payments if you cannot pay it and put those months on the back end - same with your credit cards and other loans. Call them TODAY.

4. Grow what you can from your own garden literally!!!

5. Bread maker? start making bread for your family and your neighbors - sell it for income.

6. Join me with online influencing and fitness - I'd love to help you navigate right beside me....we learn and grow together thru all of this. Join me.... (click here)

7. Stop watching so much TV (aka news). Nothing is changing today.

8. Get off the LIVE VIDEOS - STOP WATCHING ALL THAT - everything is making us all so confused. No more IGTV, no more NEWS, no more youtube about the VIRUS. Just say NO.

9. Take an online workshop. Grow your mind. Here are some that I offer from all the courses I've taken, these are the ABSOLUTE BEST & most helpful (click here)

10. Start taking your health more seriously. Really - now that a week has gone by - make sure you don't continue filling the pantry with crap food. Buy good nutrition that will last a long time and it really does make you healthier inside and out. (click here)

11. ACCEPT WHAT IS GOING ON and come up with your REBOOT GAME PLAN TODAY. There is a lot of good that will come out of all of this but you've got to do the work now. Today. Start looking over that bank account.

12. Get your sleep hours. 7-8 hours of sleep...otherwise it can cause your immune system to get weak. We need to make sure sleep is in our routine!



We cannot come up with the solution but what we can do is plan for our future and family in this moment. Serve your customers now. Invest in reaching out to every single one of them and see how they are doing and what struggles they are having. Be a solution type of person. Come up with the BEAUTY in this massive EPIC BEAST!!!!!

I"m heading over to my podcast to record some things to help too. Be sure you are subscribed over there and please please share my blog with a friend. Your subscriptions to my BLOG help me come up with more content to HELP YOU.

xoxo, Heather

become a coach on my team: click here


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