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Fitness Motivation: My TOP 3 TIPS: |

I often hear people having a hard time staying consistent with a workout routine or fitness schedule! I truly believe it’s all about MINDSET!

The good news is, you get to choose if IT'S HARD or if it's NOT. You choose to tell yourself what you think working out is about. If you decide that it's a living hell then guess what, YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT GOING TO DO IT. If you decide that you're gonna have some fun with it, guess what, it becomes a little game with your mind and you actually enjoy it and we all know we feel so much better afterward!!! Now, we just need to find habits that support your goals…and how to make working out a GOOD TIME.....not dreadful.

That being said, I am going to give you my TOP 3 FITNESS MOTIVATION TIPS:

  1. DON'T ALWAYS DO THE SAME WORKOUT - don't wing it but have a plan in place every single week that allows you to get different types of movement in.....try new things. Finding a workout routine that includes several fitness styles is KEY!

If you stick to just one type of workout (i.e. treadmill) , your body gets comfortable doing that one thing when it could and should be doing SEVERAL types of exercise…hitting different muscle groups to wake and shake things up a bit.....

Mixing yoga, HIIT, weights, barre, cardio etc. is so crucial! Going back to our last point, it also helps to keep your workouts fun and different!

Fitness routines are so specific to the individual and what’s right for one person may not be what’s right for you!

Our TONE ONLINE STUDIO & app aims to give you new, fun, exciting workouts EVERY DAY!

We have everything from warm up & stretching routines to light weight workouts that will wake up your muscles! We also have an extremely encouraging, supportive community to support YOU!

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2. going back to my opening sure to MAKE IT FUN

If you don’t enjoy your workouts or the type of exercise you’re doing, you’re going to start losing motivation. Once you lose your motivation, it’s so much harder to keep your eyes on your goals. I encourage you to find a way to get your workouts in that’s fun and still challenges you! Be brave about it. Have the confidence to just START!! STARTING IS THE HARDEST PART AND THAT'S JUST A DECISION. then take ACTION.


You can’t get to the next level without help from someone who’s been there and people who are getting there with you. It’s so important to find a positive, motivating mentor and a community who wants to see you succeed and will support you in your journey.


If you haven't joined our Tone Community yet, TODAY IS THE PERFECT TIME!!

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