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Are you finding a need for a way to release the stress of these unknown times? Are you struggling with meal planning for the whole fam now that you are preparing ALL THE MEALS?

I put together a mini 14 day program to give you some awesome workouts that work along with a sample of my coaching style for you to gain some sanity back and take control over your health.

Make a schedule and stick to it.

Set a time and place in your home that you can set aside "ME TIME" to take care of yourself.

Without our health, we have nothing!

I wanted to help serve YOU for FREE over 14 Days.  You can always put these workouts on repeat once you've finished the workout schedule & mini 2-week program.

Please share these with a friend by giving them my link and asking them to subscribe to my BLOG and website at

I look forward to getting you some strong MENTAL HEALTH during these next 14 days.  The physical transformation is just a side perk!  We work on the inside first - and these will make you FEEL BETTER!  GOOD LUCK, xoxo, Heather 



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