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YA'LL WE have 35 DAYS left of THE DECADE!!! - - Who's excited? Who wishes they had a bit more time to do the things you wanted to do in 2019? - I'm a mix of both honestly! - Regardless of how you're feeling about 2019 - it's NOT too late to finish STRONG!! You probably know by now that I am all about TAKING ACTION with a plan paired with some major intention and focus. It doesn't always turn out that way--- sometimes it's really really HARD and very very messy but as long as you make sure you are NOT going thru life with your head down to finally look up and realize you're in a position, relationship or career that you never wanted to be in to begin with! EEEEKKKKKKK!!! - OR that you NEVER get to where you wanted to go at all. - I NEVER really realized how important GOAL SETTING was until almost 5 years ago when hubby and I sat down to DRAW OUT WHAT WE WANTED our future to look like together! WE had to join forces and agree to grow together in the same direction with the same GAME PLAN and strategy in order to achieve some really huge goals that we wanted to HIT for our family (both personally and in business). We got really serious 2.5 years ago with our strategies and with a SURPRISE TWIST OF FATE (approaching the age of 50) - both of our careers took major detours - WHO KNEW?! We sure didn't! We ALWAYS played it safe and worked our corporate America "secure" jobs until GOD had another plan for us both! Looking back - we say, "Thank you JESUS!!!" - - I cannot stress enough how important GOAL SETTING (and discipline) is! I share my exact 3- step PROCESS for setting, breaking down and executing BIG scary goals thru coaching others so that YOU can learn and implement immediately too! I share a lot of my signature #getUnstuck method & tools on my #getUnstuck Podcast every week on Itunes. Take a listen and let me know what you think! - I hope you have a wonderful TURKEY WEEK - Happy Thanksgiving and I am so GRATEFUL for every single one of you! Through my online coaching I'm able to SHARE my story and my personal experiences along with my CONTINUED education to HELP OTHERS #getUnstuck and "Unleash your Inner Sparkle"! - I hope to see some of you at the BARRE today - you know when and where! Let's go BURN OUR BOOTY and BICEPS!!!! - Oh, yeah, one more thing - - MY BLACK FRIDAY MEGA DEALS and specials (including my 7-DAY SUGAR DETOX: WEIGHT LOSS BOOK) - (for those of you who asked) were going to be up today but we had another SURPRISE DETOUR - Nemo had to have EMERGENCY eye surgery yesterday so I will def be sharing all the DISCOUNTS AND MAJOR DEALS thru email and on my blog so make sure you are subscribed over there at to get the skinny first!!! Isn't that what they call it? "the skinny" aka the scoop??!! Thank you for the prayers that were sent for our little Nemo baby! - Luv ya, H



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