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Hang in there friend: No matter what you're facing today! Heather Newman

Happy Easter!


Whether or not you celebrate Easter, this day is meant for gratitude and thankfulness. Make the most of what we have!

Try to keep traditions going or start new ones like ZOOM calls and facetime to family! I'm so missing my parents today - this is so strange not spending EASTER WITH THEM. A chat on the phone will be what I'm grateful for today though.


Remember no matter what you're facing today, JESUS IS ALIVE!

HE overcame sin and death so we could experience the power of forgiveness and salvation.

No matter where you are in LIFE, what problems you may struggle with, what you have done in the past, or what someone else has done to you, YOU ARE GIVEN A FRESH START AND A NEW LIFE RIGHT NOW, today - this week!



Here is my EASTER GIVEAWAY!!! I am giving away the following for you to have a library to a NEW START!

1. Sugar Free Grocery List

2. ABs blueprint : the secret sauce to getting rid of the BLOATED TUMMY

3. 15 days of FREE FITNESS FROM HOME workouts all lined out for you to workout anytime, anywhere

4. Your very own customized prayer if you need it during this time for protection to read over your family daily


Let me know if you find these helpful! They are my GO TO items. Be sure to share them with a friend - I appreciate you!

xoxo, Heather



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