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Well hey there pretty friend, it's been a hot minute since I sat down with my laptop to pour out my heart with you so I thought today would be a good time. My youngest graduates college in just a couple of weeks (eeeeek) and my oldest is in the THICK of studying for and taking one of the hardest BOARD EXAMS known to man with only a 40% pass rate so I give it all up to Jesus! It's funny how peaceful you can actually feel when you let him take the wheel. Remember, you cannot have fear and worry in the same sentence and thought of always look to GOD when you have worry and/or fear.

I wanted to let you know that we are kicking off a few FUN SUMMER CHALLENGES in May to help you reach your goals in LIFE, HEALTH, FITNESS, ENERGY & JOY.

I'll list them here ( you know I love a list ) so you can go thru them each and decide which one would be right for you this May heading into A FIT & HEALTHY SUMMER....

  1. THE SKINNY SHRED kicks off May 1 (you can do 1 week, 2 weeks or even 3 depending on your personal FIT goals) click here

  2. MAY TONE VIP 3-WEEK CHALLENGE (we do a new challenge to help keep you accountable every single month with a full TOOL-KIT and resource guide. Includes workouts, supplement options (if you like them), healthy recipes and secrets to LIVING OUT YOUR DREAMS. click here

  3. DIAL INTO yourself. POUR INTO YOU with a new DUH! PLANNER to keep track of EVERYTHING when the world is spinning! I teach you how to take a deep breath, focus on the top bubbles (to do's) each day and every week - this system has been A GAME-CHANGER for me personally. click here IT'S 10% OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!

  4. IF YOU NEED MORE ENERGY - I got you babe click here for unicorn juice


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