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For those of you who don't know already, is a platform created for bloggers/influencers to link their outfits, products, and affiliate links for their followers to shop. Now all you have to do to shop my closet is download the LTK app, screenshot my posts, and voila: outfit details will be sent to you via the app and email! (P.S. - You can shop all of your other fave bloggers' posts, too!)

Here are the short and simple steps to grabbing all the fun, fit mega sales and unique style items {including my favorite makeup, hair products and anti-aging products that I use, try and love} PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE APP on your phone and follow me here

1. DOWNLOAD the app & register (takes 2 mins & is 100% free!)

2. FOLLOW ME (HEATHERNEWMAN) and click on any of my linked looks to get shoppable links HERE IS THE LINK

3. Anytime you're on instagram, SCREENSHOT my posts and within 5 mins you'll get an email with my exact outfit details linked!

I can't stop freaking out about this opportunity, not only because I get to be a part of the rewardStyle community, but also because I am now a certified LTK influencer and actually earn commission when you use my links to purchase an item!

So, while I will still be linking my outfits in blog posts, I will also post them in the LTK app for your convenience and to TRAY and grow my presence on that platform.

I always thought this was just for those really cute YOUNG ladies but I finally got my opportunity to share share and share the things I love most with you using an APP and a REWARD STYLE program that can benefit all of us......

I try hard to keep us "mature women" still in the know with HIP TRENDS and


Here are some of the fun items I already have linked for you! Some of my absolute must have [go to] fun practical items!

Check out more here:


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