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HEALTHY NEWS is available! LET THERE BE LIGHT! it will be biblical - hold on to truth

If you are reading this and you are not sure where you have landed or why, you might be asleep still!

There are some things going on in our world today that might really SHOCK YOU.

I have been following digital intel since 2018 and I am asked to spread this information to people like me and you in order to receive the TRUE news vs the FAKE NEWS that has been feeding our brains since we've been born.

If you are closed minded, this is not for you. I pray for you! Truly, I mean that. Not everyone can have an open mind to really be OPEN to GODS AMAZING TRUTH.

If you are ready to follow along on this bumpy ride, please click the link above and download the GROUP ME app. I will only share sources and facts that are valid from the 3 reliable intel sources that I have.

I've joined way too many link as people are scattering trying to find a safe place to land to get info. Don't worry - we will get the info in the right timing.

For now, I have a few accounts open but none of them are quite what we are used to ya know.

Here are some you might want to play around with but the one I'm asking you to join on GROUP ME is a data sourced group where communications SHOULD work on data vs. internet services so it's a nice option to have. I will only post reliable INTEL as the days unfold.

Clouthub is where Gen Flynn asked us to join: They seem to have issues today. MY USER NAME IS HEATHER NEMAN

Signal is a local Louisiana group but all Patriots are welcome - The group to join is called Louisiana Patriots, my user name is Heather Lea

Telegram is another app suggested by high ranked officials : the group i'm following seems to be a lot of spam in my opinion

MeWe - please friend request over there - it's a cool app my user name is HEATHER NEWMAN

PARLER was taken down by BIG TECH and I personally find this disturbing. We are not CHINA yet! This clearly shows the direction we are headed if we do not stand up for our COUNTRY.

This is not about political views! I am not a negative person - this is about our CONSTITUTION and if you cannot see that yet, you might want to leave this post. It's about our COUNTRY and it is BIBLICAL -

You and I are experiencing a new HIGH TECH WAR and revolution of our worlds. It's been going on for years but it's all HAPPENING RIGHT NOW in front of your eyes. If you trust what the NEWS is wanting you to NOT SEE - you are blind and still fast asleep. I DON'T mean that in a rude way. I am trying to be a dear friend and just ask you to THINK LOGIC. You are SMART, you know you can pray for signs, you know GOD is with you and YOU WILL KNOW IN YOUR DEEPEST SOUL OF SOULS if something is REALLY WRONG HERE.

I will share info for you to THINK ON YOUR OWN. TAKE WHAT YOU WANT AND SHARE WHAT YOU NEED. I cannot and will not ask you to believe any of the things I SHARE. I'm taking a risk with my entire business by sharing this but I felt called to do so and I hope I've help SHED SOME LIGHT.


My latest facebook post today 1/10/21 reads as follows incase you missed it:

WE ARE WATCHING A MOVIE!!! . . . Hey friends. I must say, it took a lot of thought to even put this out here and post this. I am getting flooded with messages and int- tel about things that have been weighing heavily on our cuntry . It hurts my heart to witness the things taking place in THIS AMAZING world a I am so VERY passionate about our U S A!

My messages are always about shining the light and staying focussed on the things we CAN CONTROL and not on the things that are d a r k and completely out of our control. If you are fully E Y E S wide open and want to follow the lead info that I share, I'm going to post a "group me" link below as it should work with data vs internet. WE don't know 100% of the things we will be faced with in the upcoming days but what we do know is God wins! “I pray that you prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” ” — 3 JOHN 1:2



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