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I get asked all the time for my Unicorn Juice recipe that helps me get through the laundry and my workouts! It's my MORNING COCKTAIL and it's actually GOOD for my health without all the artificial ####. in it!

I've been drinking it and tweaking my recipe since 2017 - I would never share anything with you that didn't WORK FOR ME! It helps keep me focussed, it helps get more water in my body and it truly is my UNICORN COCKTAIL!

Here is it - feel free to print a copy to keep on your frig!!! (pdf below)

Heather's Unicorn Juice
Download PDF • 774KB

Here are quick shopping links to grab your VERY OWN COCKTAIL !!! I do get paid like .05 cents for every purchase - it's not a lot but I do truly appreciate you using my links to help support my small Health & Fitness to keep providing you VALUE and CONTENT.

These links are clickable (pink)

  1. water - i'm sure you have water. However, this is my favorite water as I am a complete water diva, just ask my family WATER CLICK HERE --I GET THE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION - ITS JUST EASIER!

  2. ice - you are on your own for your ice

  3. lemon energize packets

  4. berry energize packets

  5. emergen-c

  6. zinc vitamins

  7. shaker cup

  8. frother

LET ME KNOW if you try #UnicornJuice too! Please share this with a friend who might need this in HER LIFE TOO!

Luv ya,

xo, Heather


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