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HELP ME GET MOTIVATED! How to Get Healthy & Fit

Hey there - please read to the very end - there's a funny video just for you from me - to make your SMILE or laugh - or both. Just to add some happy to your day!!!

So, let's jump into this.....

When I first decided to GET MY LIFE IN GEAR - after failing several times - My WHY wasn't what It needed to be in order to keep me on track and motivated - It wasn't STRONG ENOUGH reasons.

I want to LOSE WEIGHT - is NOT A BIG ENOUGH REASON! We've all been there. We all had a point or a few times in our lives that "WE WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT"....

Wanting to LOSE WEIGHT is NOT A BIG ENOUGH REASON - Can I say that again for the people in the back???? I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT IS NOT A BIG ENOUGH REASON - IT WON'T HOLD YOU TO IT! PERIOD!!!


EVEN IF YOU THINK, it is to lose weight - I BET YOU , if you dig a little bit deeper - there is something ELSE TO IT. There is a deeper reason! Ask yourself this, WHY DO I WANT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT? Is it because my clothes don't fit, is it because I feel horrible in photos, is it because i'm embarrassed , is it because I have zero energy, is it because my DR says I'm on the road to MORE DISEASE , is it because you had some type of health scare that woke you up? What is it? We all have our own story as to our WHY - WHY DO YOU WANT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT - is it to be healthier, is it to learn how to eat clean - thinking your already knew but that clearly isn't working......WHAT IS IT? Ask yourself.

I have learned this after working for years with men and women - after figuring out your goals and what really makes you tick - what is your WHY?? is it family? you want to live the best life that you can to be around for your family as long as possible?

I want you to find the NO B S REASON WHY YOU WANT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT - DIG DEEP. You want your spouse to look at you differently?? I've found that to be a BIG REASON that nobody wanted to talk about!

I want my spouse to be attracted to me again.

I want to be able to play with my kids.

I want to be able to keep up with my kids.

I want to be at my kids wedding.

I want to live to be at my kids wedding....


From everything from weight loss to weight GAIN - yes some have fat skinny syndrome or they have the same issues with gaining weight that others have with losing weight. Everyone has their own story...I've heard and seen them all thru the years of doing this.

Some people want to gain muscle, gain strength to make them feel better about themselves.

For some people it is that they need to SLEEP BETTER. I know some people that their sleep is completely out of wack - like crazy out of wack. Ya'll this is part of your HEALTH & FITNESS. If your sleep is out of wack, that comes down to your health. There is something going on with your stress levels or being how healthy you are in your diet. Something is going on. Our bodies are meant to rest just like we have to drink water.

Your happiness LEVEL - THIS IS A HUGE ONE!!! If you are not working out, sleeping all day and or on medication for this - (note: I am not a doctor and some have their own story here of course) but if you are reaching for medication FIRST - BEFORE WORKING OUT and eating right - what the heck are you doing?? SERIOUSLY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

I guarantee you if you can give the workout and sweating - just putting in :30 minutes for yourself.....even the mental state of just being alone with yourself for just :30 minutes (not even in a gym) and giving that time to yourself and putting the PHONE DOWN - ON MUTE OR AIRPLANE MODE or better yet in the other room for :30 minutes.......and eating properly-----and just getting on a different level of finding happiness inside of YOU FOR BEING YOU and not beating yourself up about things including what you eat...... - If you are the person that says, "No, i'm not gonna do any of that" but i'm gonna just take this bottle of pills instead.....

Um, I'll be real here - I do not think that is the way to go!


THERE IS ANOTHER ROUTE. If you are already down that path - KNOW THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!!!

How is your energy level? How is your strength?

I speak from experience. I was never strong. I had zero endurance.....

If you are winded going up the stairs - CONSIDER THAT A SIGN YA'LL!!! I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I'm just trying to make you understand that maybe you just don't want to feel like that anymore.

How good would it feel to go into a store and put on a bikini and feel freaking amazing - like how cool would that feel? and be strong. And be high energy?

Just dig deep. Are you healthy?

Do you feel good?

Are you happy?

Are you STUCK? Do you need a solution that is non-restrictive and something you can do to get the results that you want?

I'm honestly here just to share with you what I know works - and it's not gonna happen over night - but when you dig deep enough to figure out your try NON BULLSHIT WHY - you will be ready for me to coach you. I have transformed the way I see fitness and fit. I've been doing this my entire life and I know how to get you to the results that you are looking for - STOP THE YO-YO!!! Stop listening to people who don't even have the results that you are looking for.

Who are you surrounding yourself with. Who are you allowing yourself to be led by??

If you are going to take advice from anything regarding to LOSE WEIGHT QUICK, ETC. the scams, the money makers - this is not for you. HELLO WALK ON DOWN TO COMMON SENSE - DOES IT MAKE SENSE?

No, allow yourself the cookies but have the proper diet.....sweat it out 4-5x a week and allow balance into your life but do not tear yourself apart for having a cocktail every now and then!!!

are you sweating? are you working your butt off?

A REAL WORKOUT - MY STANDARD OF NUTRITION - THEN YOU GET THE LIFESTYLE AND RESULTS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR: I am cranky if my diet has zero carbs - come on gang, we need carbs too. Anyway, you can learn how to LIVE LIFE the non restrictive yet healthy way here: JOIN ME I CALL MY GIRLS CHALLENGERS BUT THEY STAY A LIFETIME!!!!

How do you see treats?

How do you get more veggies into your diet?


OK, I'll get off my soap box now - just some real truth for you.

I am a coach and I lead you thru my BOOTYCAMP and possibly encourage you to become a coach too after your transformation -

That's it - nothing too hard. It's really about providing a solution to match lifestyles......

At once, I thought about hiring a personal trainer for myself but hello - it's expensive and I just didn't really want to go workout at a gym with others around. I teach classes and I love my BARREBABES but as far as my personal workouts - THEY ARE MINE WITH MY BOOTYCAMP BABES!!!!!! ALL VIRTUAL - even in my jammies if I want to - esp on a cold rainy day - we check in with each other and we are a united TEAM!! TEAM NOLA FIT!



For your entertainment - First, I got the HAIR DO DONE!!!! Roots were crying - Secondly, I GOT THE COOLEST PAIR OF FREAKING SHOES - I just love them!! I share them here -

And third: DO YOU EVEN KNOW what all this Tik Tok stuff is all about?

Are you on Tik Tok?

If so, do you like it? What do you use it for? I share my best PERFORMANCE for you here to get a smile out of your face and share my SEXY MOMMA SUPERFOODS SHAKE with you from this morning -

I'm on the fence - TIK TOK OR NO???

I'd love to hear your thoughts - please share with me at

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A lot of motivation and exactly how to get healthy and fit. I shared A TON from my own life experience and many opinions ! Workout with me:

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