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Holiday Hotness: 30-Day Shake The weight challenge

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Grab a friend....SHARE SHARE AND SHARE..... . This SHAKE THE WEIGHT: 30 day challenge

PREP WEEK Starts Monday, October 14th 2019!

The FULL 30 day SHAKE THE WEIGHT BOOTCAMP STARTS : Monday, October 21st until Tuesday, November 19th leading us into the Thanksgiving Holidays! You'll be READY!

OCTOBER is HERE and cooler weather & all the HOLIDAY get togethers are right around the corner. Which means that you have 2 choices! You can embrace the inevitable or you can continue to put up the blinders and hide behind baggy stretchy pants and flowy tops all season long. I can vividly remember the feeling of trying on 10 different dresses or outfits and NON of them fitting or looking right. Not feeling comfortable in my own skin nor wanting ANYONE to take those photos with me in the front ! lol

One day I just literally was FED UP! Enough is enough! I'm sick and tired of feeling BLAH in everything I wear. My skin was dull, my mood was flat, my energy level was at an all time low and I was DREADING it all because I didn't want to put on a any type of cute outfit that just looked better on the hanger honestly.

CONFIDENCE, what is confidence because I didn't have soooo much.

My goal is to help you shed those 10, 15 maybe 20+ lbs and take control of your nutrition, your fitness and your overall health! It's time to take charge of YOU and make this your MOST CONFIDENT HOLIDAY SEASON yet! No more hiding behind baggy clothes. In this 30 day SHAKE THE WEIGHT Bootcamp we want you to be READY for when the FAMILY AND FRIEND GATHERINGS begin and be confident in your SKIN ! Its SHAKE shred time !! I am going to walk you through:

√ Effective Goal Setting for your weight loss/nutrition requests. √ How to choose the right fitness nutrition plan to meet your needs. √ Match you up with a fitness program to help you get results and shred those lbs. (this part is OPTIONAL - NOT REQUIRED) √Give you the tools to effectively create simple, family friendly meal plans. √Give you the tools to help you with emotional eating, late night snacking, traveling, vacation and more. √Plus a whole lot of positive mindset, daily accountability, support and motivation!

My goal is not a CRASH DIET but to truly make this a LIFESTYLE SHIFT. I TEACH YOU what foods are actually doing on the inside and help you with stress and emotional eating habits.

If you are ready to make a change now is the time! YOU'VE GOT TO DECIDE IF YOU ARE READY THOUGH!

I’m so excited to be sharing the what, the how and most importantly, the WHY to find out if this is right for YOU. To learn more, just fill out the form (link in comments) and you'll be hearing from me soon via email!

If you have ANY questions, never hesitate to private msg me or the person that invited you to this event, comment below, DM or send us an e-mail! I personally had a TON of questions when I was first introduced to this amazing concept to change my habits, so please know that NO questions are out of bounds!

Here is my contact info :) I cant wait to start!!!

*** This SHAKE THE WEIGHT Bootcamp is NOT for Coaches or people that are already working with a Coach ***

I hope that you’re as excited as I am to find out if you’re the next member of THE SHAKE THE WEIGHT: HOLIDAY HOTNESS Bootcamp CHALLENGE !!! X,HN


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