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Hey friends, I wanted to address this question because I've gotten it a lot recently. This triggered a lot of questions for so many of you. Let's make it as easy to understand as possible.

How can i lose weight while gaining muscle mass?

Before we go to far, we need to understand that these are TWO VERY DIFFERENT JOURNEYS!!

However BOTH of these journeys require the following:

-sufficient AMOUNT of protein

-consistent training-staying diligent

(obviously if you are trying to lose weight journey - make sure you are moving enough, meaning getting enough cardio (increase heart rate, fat burning mode)

-require so much patience

One thing you must let sink in is that your body changes in slow motion! Say that again, your body changes in slow motion. You cannot see changes fast if you want them to last. Ever. Let that sink in. It's a fact.

If you want it to last it lifelong and get off the yo-yo must truly trust the process -

When you decide you want to BUILD MUSCLE, it can be very scary (especially for a woman) to eat MORE CALORIES. We call that eating in a calorie surplus.

When you build up muscle and you are increasing your calorie intake, an aggressive layer of fat comes on faster.

If you take a slight calorie surplus path, you just gain a little bit of fat at a time - this can take longer of course to build though because your body needs something to build up.


m b f

Most body builders try to really lean out for competition then in the off season, they allow themselves to pack on a pretty good layer of fat - If you've noticed this before, you might have thought that they just let themselves go.....

But what they do is try to pack on the most in the off season and hit it hard meaning they are lifting their butts so so heavy to build ---- then in cutting season they dwindle down and lean out that muscle.

You need to figure out what your resting metabolic rate is see table here RATE FORMULA TABLE


That means you are looking to burn fat.

This requires:




There are a million ways to lose weight -

99% ACTUALLY WILL work if you can stick to it. THE BIG QUESTION IS which is going to be a program you can stick to forever though.

You want it to become a lifestyle, not a dreaded diet again.

If you fall into the FAD DIETS and quick will lose fast. You will also burn muscle fast. It all happens fast and won't last. FACT.

It's going to require PATIENCE.

Did you put the weight on in 1 month? No. Therefore, it's not going to come off in 1 month.

For weight loss, you will need to go into a calorie deficit. Burn more calories.

For the record: 3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat to burn

What if I want to lose weight while building muscle?

ONE BIG THING - get rid of the scale. Or if you use the scale, use it to actually tell your mind what's going on with your body. MUSCLE MASS MEANS IT'S DENSE you cannot tell on the scale. HOW YOU FEEL HOW YOUR CLOTHES FIT AND YOUR PROGRESS PICS AND MEASUREMENTS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO MEASURE THESE NON SCALE VICTORIES


IT REQUIRES A LOT OF PATIENCE - EVEN MORE TO TRUST THE PROCESS...IF THIS IS YOUR GOAL - eat at maintenance calories, not too many, not too few!

You cannot create something from nothing - to build muscle, you have to have something to grab on to.....

If you are looking for a program to LEAN OUT AND BUILD MUSCLE - I have a perfect 8 week program THAT WORKS you can reach me at if you want more info on that AT HOME WORKOUT PLAN.

If you are looking for a good way to cut calories and jump start your weight loss journey, I highly recommend starting with the HARD COPY (not the kindle version because you're going to want to get messy with your book and guide)

Like anything want to focus on ONE SOLUTION AT A TIME. You cannot perfect one language by learning 5 at one time. You have to pick a plan and do it full out. Do not MIX NUTRITION PLANS OR WORKOUT PLANS. Pick one and stay the course. DO NOT MIX YOUR PLANS AND PROGRAMS, they won't work that way.

xoxo, Heather


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