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HOw to get Motivated: Get out of a Rut!

This is the number one most requested headline I get asked on the daily! A Monday is probably one of the best days to address this and give you some of the best tips I can come up with! (i'm so very passionate about this)


First, let's make sure you are following me over on Instagram and Facebook because there is a lot of good content that I put out over on those two platforms as well regarding how to do this! It's a constant muscle we have to work!


Coming off of the NEW YEAR HYPE, it can be difficult to find the motivation. I get asked,......Where do you find the motivation to get up and run your business, where do you get the motivation to get up and work out and stay on track with your nutrition?, Where do you find the motivation to show up on social media and help inspire others to start living their dreams?, .....these are loaded questions but I get asked all the time! It's almost like the people who ask think they just cannot do that and here is the thing, I remember when I worked out 2x per week and thought that was enough. I remember when I ate salads loaded with ranch dressing and thought I was eating clean. I remember when I stopped blogging because I thought my content wasn't good enough.....I remember when I would roll my eyes at people who got up early to workout before their day began - I also remember when I couldn't even do one push up!


One day I just found myself feeling BLAH, BLOATED, FLUFFY, TIRED, LACKED ENERGY, and thought wow, I wish I had the energy I used to have when I was younger and it got me to start thinking - what was it that drove me back in the day? I had dreams...big visions for my future!!!


I danced, so I had dance team practice - I had fitness classes to teach, I led a group of people at an insurance company with sales after I got off of college classes, I kept busy. Well, shoot, I still kept busy but I was doing the things I felt I had to do - "adult life" and I never really gave myself time to think about DREAMS I HAD and what I truly wanted my life to look like and feel like!

When I took the time to grab a blank notebook and a pen and allowed myself to DREAM a little - again like when I was younger - I realized that I was living some of my dreams but not nearly as many as I had wanted. So, what did that look like?


It's honestly a harder question to answer than you might think if you are go-getter who wants the most out of life!

I drew a blank then I started to just eliminate all of the limitations and society placed boundaries and let my mind just GOOOOOO - the car i really wanted (no i could never afford that entered my mind but I just kept writing), what i really want my house to look like (keep dreaming), what I wanted my body to feel like and how I wanted to look especially when I was approaching 50 (hello did you see JLO in the halftime show) dang!!!

Dreams are what keep us growing. Dreams are what keep us moving in the right direction. Just because you are (insert age) doesn't mean dreams stop! So open up your mind, give yourself a little ME TIME and allow yourself to plot out what it is you truly want out of your ONE life.

Are you happy in your current job? Do you love your office view? If you could change that, how would it look?

Your home, is it your dream home? Well, write down what your dream home looks like if you haven't already - go to pinterest and grab a photo for inspo.

- I go over all the way to implement these types of things to get your juices flowing and to draw out your TRUE LIFE BY DESIGN in my tiny mini workshop here online if you ever want to invest in yourself and really get some things moving in a new direction!



Sketch out the life that you really thought you'd have. How do you get motivated? How do you get out of a rut?

I personally took a leap of faith into coaching and it was just the change I needed.

How do you find motivation? It comes from taking action. Motivation comes from movement. Push the snowball....gain momentum and there comes your new machine of motivation thru traction - things will start to rolll......

You have to create it. You have to find your momentum. You can generate that! (goal setting formula click here)

Be honest with yourself. Where is your time really going? I'm going to share something with you that I did back in 2017 that stopped me from saying "where did the time go", there just aren't enough hours in the day? lol

Get out your paper and pen - NOW.....

Draw a circle. Let that pie chart be a full 24 hours of your day. Now, PIE CHART out how many hours you are sleeping.

Where do you spend your time?

I was brought to tears the first time I ever did this exercise.

It’s a game changer. In pie form. Graph it. It’s time to take control of your life and stop juggling all the balls and letting life dictate where you’re headed. A list is not going to work for this eye opening exercise. You have to draw it out in PIE CHART FORM to actually see the colors and the hours of YOUR TIME.

lost time

social media time

sleep time

tv time

eating time

out partying time

write it all out - LOOK AT IT

----busy is this thing that we always say how busy we are......knowing where your time is going will keep you from feeling scattered!

Get a planner! Schedule out your day. Top 3 things every day. Build habits. Routines are needed to build the life you want to live.

What will become a habit and scheduling your day....will change your world.

The next tip is GET UP EARLIER - schedule in your workout in the morning! Get your act together and schedule the things that are going to move you forward.


when we feel we are stuck in a rut, it's usually our health (fitness etc) or it's about building a business to provide better income with more freedom!

Most of this RUT - will be solved and resolved thru your physical health. Get up early. Learn how to manage a nutrition program for your body.

Wake early.

Be accountable to someone.

(i have a full BFF fit group and those women will be one me if I don't workout)

Eliminate the excuses - if you need to workout at home like I do - then do it, if that's what makes it easier for you - DO IT!

Set your goals for the year! I will map out some inspiration for you here

- who do you look up to? who inspires you? maybe it's their habits, maybe you haven't figured out how they are doing it? If you don't see yourself as good enough - that might be the problem.

Start using those people as inspiration! think to yourself "WHY NOT YOU"

-figure out what inspires you - it will get you to thinking about the small things they are doing and let it be part of your vision board.

Never feel like this clean slate ahead of you is just another year like the last and/or past. YOU don't have to be that person. You are good at _________________ (fill in the blank) and be grateful for that!

What have you overcome in your life thus far? THAT'S SOMETHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR.

Get 1% better - grow little bits at a time. The journey is the sum of all of the SMALL CHANGES that amount to massive change and growth.

When you think about the things that are keeping you in this rut...the inner negative voices you tell yourself.....

limiting beliefs they are called

i want you to write them down on paper - brain dump all the things you think you suck at

what are your limiting beliefs............

UNDERSTAND THAT those things are what are holding you back.

ONE AT A TIME, i want you to circle it in red ink and write out why does that actually make zero sense. What do you feel that way?

then move all the way down the list....

then BURN THAT #ITCH!! Abolish those limiting beliefs!!!

If you keep thinking this way - where are you going to be at the end of this year. What opportunities are you going to miss that are staring you in the face?

Let it go!

Your goals have to be greater than any stupid fear! I got you! Please let me know if you find this helpful at all. YOU are so freaking worth it! And you can do it.

xx, H


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