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HOw to get Motivated to Move! | Heather Newman Fitness

I know! Trust me, I know! It can be so hard to get motivated to get up and get moving let alone exercise!

.......and NOW (in this mess - or whatever you want to call it) it's even more difficult yet more crucial than ever!

As most of us are confined to our homes and it's just so easy to PUSH workouts to the side.....How in the world do we get ourselves motivated? How do we just turn off the TV and get off of the couch and get moving?!

  1. Find Accountability! Sounds so easy but is it? Things are just so different right now from the life we once knew and loved...funny how that works. They say, you never know or appreciate what you have until it's gone.......Here is the thing..if you are serious about making change happen and making it stick. Not quit on yourself again and again, you are going to want to find an accountability partner or team. Whether this is someone you live with or a friend you do a virtual call/workout with, having someone to keep you accountable to moving your body will help motivate you and keep you on track. NO EXCUSES!

  2. Join a community! Join a community like the TONE COMMUNITY (Tone-Team) with people who are like-minded, positive, supportive and all working towards a similar goal. The best part about this is, everyone in the community is there for the ups and downs and someone in the group will always be able to relate to you and help motivate you to keep working towards your goals! Once you become a TONE member - be sure to join our fit family on facebook at and our special TONE family at

  3. Set a Small Goal! Sometimes we set such large goals that might take soooo long to accomplish they feel way to far out of reach. That can sometimes get discouraging because you just don't feel like you are making progress. Set small goals that you can achieve along the way to that larger goal. And be sure to celebrate the little wins along the way.

  4. Wear super cute WORKOUT clothes - you'll feel so much better! Put yourself together before a workout - look cute and feel good. I know, it sounds so silly but it's a fact! Even if you are working out these days from home like I get so much more motivated when you have clothes you feel good in.


For help with MOTIVATION IN NUTRITION and cleaning up your eating habits - start here with my workbook, guide and recipes to plug into a meal plan for 7 days - everything you need is in this guide. Tip: do not get the kindle version - it is not as good. The real book has a guide and workbook that you will want to refer back to often if you fall off track. GET THE GUIDE HERE NOW


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