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DREAMING of a White Christmas??? Not here in Louisiana - but maybe wherever you are??

Well, if you haven't heard the news yet - I've been a bad bad girl. I'm in FAKEBOOK JAIL AGAIN! Ok, the first time I was super confused back in August when I posted about my FAITH and some scripture from the BIBLE - I am still not quite sure what I did or said that was so wrong with FB policy. That is SAD YOU GUYS!!

I blew it off - no big deal - 3 days no facebook - OK - I'll talk to my TONE, fit AND BARREBABES thru here right or thru our APP -

Well....yesterday it happened again! I shared on my stories on my GLITTERU instagram account if you want to hear all about it but basically I tried listing a toy airsoft gun for my son to resell - thinking we were possibly helping a child out who might want one of these for fun right. They have an orange tip on the end and it's considered A TOY or hobby. Well, i've only sold on fb market place 2 times before so I guess I wasn't too familiar with the RULES!

I tried to list it and I got a message from facebook saying it wasn't allowed! It's considered a weapon! Oh, wow, ok - I thought for a moment, do I live in Russia? what is going on in the USA that we can't do anything without BIG BROTHER telling us it's wrong. I am a RULE FOLLOWER if you don't know that about me - I don't break rules. I respect them but dang it - It's a toy and it was an innocent mistake - we bought it at a store and it's not a real gun but facebook calls it a weapon.

Well, the next morning I tried to login to my facebook and I got a red alert that I was suspended for 3 days for listing an item in the fb marketplace that was against policy!


Ok, i'll just leave that right there and I guess you'll have to find me over on the GRAM for now...... @GlitterU and @HeatherNewmanFitness - or let's just hang out in the studio online or over on Youtube! I'm mad at facebook now!

Ya'll, some days are harder than others lately - THIS YEAR FOR SURE! I really dislike to complain because I have a wonderful life that i'm so grateful for. so again, i'll just leave this here for now!

Today I filmed a live workout with a little TALK 1:1 for us! Did you get a chance to watch it yet? If you did, please please do me a huge favor and be sure to give it a thumbs up - that way I can see that you took a moment to watch it and hang out with me......

xoxo, Heather


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