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Hey there friend!

I am checking in with you to find out if you got started on the 30-Day workout plan? WE JUST STARTED?!!

Are you tired of making excuses and feeling just BLAH?! Do you wish you felt better in your clothes and not quite as fluffy?

Do you keep quitting on yourself saying "that doesn't work" when actually YOU ARE NOT DOING THE WORK?

Don't beat yourself up but give yourself some grace and just start making one change today. Just one. Just one at a time. I promise you action leads to results if you stop quitting on YOU! You wouldn't quit on someone you LOVE so why keep quitting on yourself?

Remember that results happen when we TAKE ACTION!

If you got started well done and keep on going, you get a gold star!!! I'm soooo cheering for you my friend! Times are "strange" to say the least so let's really dial into something FUN and POSITIVE TOGETHER!

Have you been on the fence to join the TONE Online Studio? Well, today is the perfect day to commit to a new :10 minute workout every day (6 days a week if you want to) - come on now - who doesn't have :10 minutes to invest in themselves? You will feel so much better just by investing in YOU! It's fun and result driven for sure! This past week in the Online Studio Library (it's your private resource library with all the video workouts that you can do on your time from anywhere---plus major BONUS and Boost workouts) we added a tone of FUN workouts for you to try! Remember you earn points and those can be redeemed for prizes and rewards if you use your TRACKER system that is also in your private Online Studio Library! Why not make your workouts FUN?

I was thrilled to hear how many of you brought your TONE workouts with you on vacation!! Great Job!

So put on your big girl panties, plug in your BOOKING TIMES for points and just login to your Online Studio and HAVE SOME FUN with these result driven workouts! No equipment is required but as you see - in there - if you want to add some ankle weights and small hand weights - you can UP YOUR GAME!!! Join here ---->


Now, if you started the FREE 30-DAY WORKOUT (if not, join here by clicking the yellow button after you plug in your email address )

Be sure to tag me @HeatherNewmanFitness and #FFFOE on Instagram and Facebook so I can tell you how awesome you are! I am soooo excited to see how many of you are doing these fun workouts daily - boy oh boy you will feel the Beyonce' Booty one if you do it more than once - I promise you that!!

Maybe you haven't decided to start it yet....for whatever reason that is stopping you...I want you to put that reason aside and just GET STARTED. It's FREE so there are no excuses - it's for every level and you do it when you can - the workouts are less than :10 minutes a day - come on now - just dial in with us and just START! No more excuses - THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!!!

Here is a little recap of what is to come from just pressing play and following along....

+Daily workouts (new video posted each day for you to do)

+Happier mindset and mood

+Energy and motivation


Ask yourself, why do you want these things.

How will it change your life?

Pretty sure just feeling happier will change ALL OF OUR LIVES!!! Join our 30-Day FREE WORKOUT CHALLENGE TODAY - it's a 30 Day Summer Shred Series and the way to join is by going to and click the YELLOW BUTTON to get your calendar and be on the VIP LIST!

Download PDF • 54KB

In order to gain access to the daily workout videos - CLICK THE RED SUBSCRIBE BUTTON using the link below to my (ever so tiny YouTube Channel) - be sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications so you will be notified of the new videos for our 30-day challenge!


You know I promised more freebies! Here is your additional BONUS for being here! Don't forget to click for the download! IT'S FREE AND I KNOW YOU will HAVE super fun with this one!!

Getting into exercise or back into it after a vacation, holiday, or stressful time is not easy. You can check out these workouts that will ease yourself back into the flow!

DOWNLOAD 5 DETOX MOVES BY CLICKING THE PDF LINK BELOW: Use these moves to help unwind your mind and body from day to day stress.

There are so many great benefits you will receive when implementing these moves into your daily movement and practice!

Download PDF • 1.13MB


A big part of what we do is mindset work and without the right thought process you will never N E V E R get results.

Are you ready to be a student and learn some great tools to help you get what you want?

Great! Then listen to this podcast where I give you a message from my heart about how your environment can HELP YOU or HURT YOU. How self-love can be enhanced and tools to help you grow in mindset and motivation!


Ok, so that's enough of me for today. You know the drill - the more you participate in what we have going on THE BETTER RESULTS you will receive!!

The CHOICE is yours!

Love ya,



Download PDF • 29.34MB

ONE MORE FREEBIE FOR YOU!!! Be sure you actually do this one. It's easy to do - but also easy NOT to do. You are different, you are going to do the easy things to see results in your mindset and habits.

---> It's going to change your life. Speak it out loud for the next 30-days while we are doing this 30-day challenge together and you will find that the "power is in your words"....I can't wait for you to experience this transformation! #FFFOE - please be sure to post this using our HASHTAG together #FFFOE on your social media for accountability - nobody has to really know what it stands for but US!

Download PDF • 22KB


If you are not sure where to even get started on CLEANER EATING - here is the best GUIDE for getting on the right track with easy to follow steps and healthy recipes along with a full GROCERY LIST and plenty of space to plug together a meal plan by choosing from all the options in this book ----> TRY THIS METHOD AND GET STARTED HERE


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