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How to kick soft drinks and other sugar habits to the curb: bonus is you lose weight!

It’s heerrrrrreee! It’s really really here!!!⁣ just Incase you haven’t heard....✨ —-> The new updated 7-Day Sugar Detox Guide & Workbook!! THIS Super cool 52 page version is what I strived for and now this major life changing diet is available for EVERYONE On Amazon!

When I set out to write my first book this wasn’t it!! It was supposed to be on motivation!!! Something that comes so easy for me .... helping others to get moving and try new things to experience self growth in all areas of life. I never planned on writing a book on nutrition & SUGAR but God had a bigger plan in store.⁣ HE always does!!✝️❤️ So behind the scenes I struggled with sugar and the addiction to it. I always said, “sugar is the devil” and the more educated research I discovered.....the more I knew I had to give people a simple plan to follow! So many people are addicted to sugar but don’t pay any attention to it until the doctor gives some type of diagnosis to something that they “might” have been able to prevent!

I came up with my own program and really dialed in to achieve the goals I set for myself to see if I could go 1-2-3➕ days without sugar to see how I felt.

On February 12 of 2012 I gave up diet Cokes cold turkey and I never looked back!! Are you hooked on soft drinks? Are you addicted to soft drinks? This book will give you some tools to BREAK AWAY from those DEADLY DRINKS!!

There are some pretty cool drink recipes that will flavor your water without adding sugar and a full grocery list!

I look back on these last 2 years and I am astonished of the changes in my life.! I started to teach these practices to my team and others that I coach and quickly I saw weight loss success and starting to have more energy. They felt great too! ⁣ The messages I get every day of how this book is transforming peoples lives brings me to tears and just shows that when we wake up everyday and ask God how we can fill HIS assignment, he truly works through us.⁣✝️

✨ If you purchased this book, please leave a testimony at so that I can send you an invitation to the private support group on FB!! Thank you for all the love & support!!❤️✝️


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