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HOw to make better choices | How to live the life that you really want! |

Life is hard and TOTALLY unpredictable. It's just the way that it is.

These past few months have really been a wake up call to so many!

I'm talking about some ways to avoid spiraling down that SAD and depressed rabbit hole in our TONE COMMUNITY private facebook group this week. If you are not already a member - you can join by clicking here: CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Know that sometimes we CAN avoid those rough patches life throws at us if we make choices that prevent us from getting into that situation in the first place. I know, we can only control the pieces that we have control over - but hear me out.....

Grab a journal and write these down - you never know when you might need them. Try to read them to yourself first thing when you start having those negative influences creep into your life.

1. Only take advice from people that you would trade places with. Say that again.

Follow the people who have what you want. Say that again.

Sometimes it’s not a good idea to ask your friends or family if somethings a good choice because if they don't have what you want they might steer you in the wrong direction. Make choices based on people that you want to be like and choices that they have made, rather than just friends and family.

2. Will this choice that you make have a positive or negative impact on the future?

There are things that you will do and might think that it won't matter in the future— but they will.

Every choice leads us in a new direction. Make sure that the choices and decisions you're making are going to have a positive impact in the future.

3. Does it feel good when you think about what the choice will lead too.

Picture yourself in each possible outcome of the choices you're faced with. Really take the time to feel and analyze how this will effect your future and your life. If you can see success and happiness in one choice rather than the other- the selection becomes clear.

Place yourself in the specific situation to find out which choice you should make!!!

4. Sometimes you need to make a few choices to decide if it’s the right one.

Say yes to a bunch of things and then youre going to able to make the decision of which is one is best for you.

Don’t just limit yourself to one thing— try a couple of things.

5. What is the bigger vision for you? Where do you want to go?

I ask myself this on a daily basis, because choices are a daily thing.

If you want to have an amazing transformation in 30 days what you do on a daily basis is going to make a difference.

Always have the bigger vision in your head. Sometimes we get knocked over with things we do daily but these are the things that really create our big time vision. Give it everything you've got, every single day make those choices and your going to be able to have an incredible future.

6. Are you going to be making a difference with the choices that you're making?

It’s really important to reflect on your decision and ask yourself; does it have a good impact on my community? on me? on my friends and family?

Because if it is something negative, you're going want to steer away from that. Remember, it’s not just about you with these choices you make, it’s about how you're going to have an influence on this world.

7. Remember that your choices are yours.

Thats why their called YOUR choices.

When you start to understand that you have a choice about every single thing you do and every single thing that you own, you realize that YOU have the choice to be able to change your life and the opportunity to do something different.

Stop putting blame on other people, stop putting responsibility on other people, and start taking 100% responsibility with zero excuses. That is when your going to realize that you have a choice about everything that you do.

Luv ya, Heather


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