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How to Meal Prep in under 5 Minutes: Heather Newman

I'm so excited to share this meal prep idea with you all!

I'm doing a new workout program and I'm following my "go to" meal plan that keeps me on track when I know I've fallen off the CLEAN EATING wagon. I know, it's a pain but in order to stay consistent in healthier eating choices (daily muscle to flex) you have to meal prep!

This veggie chop makes meal prepping so much easier! (see veggie chop here)

Don't get me wrong, I love vegetables and I love chopped salad, but this makes them more disguised, and quicker to prep!  With this veggie chop, you don't have to cut everything up by hand and you can put way more ingredients in your salads!

Let's get started! On the program I'm following (so easy) you have color-coded containers, which are all broken down in the meal plan. I have pre-measured all the veggies for the containers to make my salad. If it fits in the container . . . you can eat it! Here is what I used:

5 Green Containers (Veggies)

3 Purple Containers (Fruit)

5 Red Containers (Protein)

4 Yellow Containers (Carbs)---yes CARBS -YOUR BODY NEEDS THE RIGHT KIND

1 Blue Conatiner (Healthy fats)

1 Orange Container (Dressing)


Let's do this:

CHOP Kale, CHOP spinach (just stuff in veggie chop - put on lid) pull and pump to chop

Measured one green container for those greens (actually i go over for leftovers too)

Chop carrots and mushrooms (i wouldn't normally eat these)

Cucumbers and Peppers - chop - i would normally never put these a salad because it would take forever to cut up but again in a chopped salad - it's all the difference- TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!

Chop up purple container already measured out (apples)

Yellow container is a a healthy carb - a filler - quinoa

Red is your protein and I just add that in (shred it up)

Put in Blue container (avocado)

Dressing ( I have a ton of healthy dressing recipes and you can find the one's I use in this MUST HAVE COOKBOOK )

and there ya go - EASY UNDER 5 MINTUES - ENJOY!


You can get the Veggie Chop on Amazon by clicking here

You can get the colored containers by clicking here

You can get my favorite cookbook by clicking here

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