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Hello from Louisiana.......still here trying to navigate the HEALTH of our families and loved ones. As you may or may not know, I lost my dear Aunt Kathy to Covid (this is what she was diagnosed with) this past Sunday and it's been a heavy week as she was my mother's very best friend. I feel for my cousin TODD as he navigates thru these HARD TIMES dealing with everything that the situation brings on him too. I PRAY DAILY, I PRAY OFTEN AND I FIND PEACE IN PRAYER.

I basically just wanted to let you know that I brag about you! I truly do. When things get us down and I try to help other people manage through HARD THINGS in life, I drop your names often! You've shared some of your hardest times and I watch you PUSH THROUGH them. You are the reason we have this awesome COMMUNITY, app, mindset programs, resources, journals, workouts, nutrition plans and all the fun stuff we do together.

SO THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my soul!

Any ideas what I've got in store for you for FEBRUARY?

I'll give you a hint......YOU ARE GOING TO ALL IN LOVE!

Let's finish January strong with our final workouts, including TODAY! Be sure to check in on your TEAM MATES, they need you too!

Be sure to check your email for what's ahead.....


NEW UNLEASH JOURNAL IS HERE - Be sure to LIKE and SHARE our new facebook page for the Unleash Journal at - you'll want to stop by there daily for some GOOD NUGGETS OF MINDSET AND MOTIVATION....


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