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HEY THERE FRIEND....I wanted to drop you a little love today and tell you that I know you are doing your very best and you are PUSHING THROUGH this challenging time.

I'm going to encourage you to stop worrying about "when is this going to be over" and start being PERFECTLY PLANTED in the NOW. I don't want you to look back and have any regrets for things you could have been or should have been doing during this BONUS TIME FROM GOD.

That's how I have to keep looking at this - to stay in the right mindset. I stay away from the much as possible. It's almost like the world is waiting for the President to say , "you can come out now" -or "it's all gone, go back to your everyday routine" and let's face it - that's probably NOT THE WAY THIS IS GOING TO GO!

So, instead of being REACTIVE - let's find a way to be PROACTIVE and make sure we have everything in line the way we need to.


-Have you called your mortgage company to see what options they are offering?

-Did you call your car loan company yet to see what they are doing to help if finances get tight?

-Did you call your cellphone company yet?

-Did you call your security/alarm company yet?

-Did you balance your check book to get a good idea of how long you'll be ok if you don't have your regular income?

-Have you put yourself on a budget for groceries and make sure you are investing in healthy food choices to keep that immune system IN TIP TOP SHAPE?

These are just some ideas that you might want to start with if you haven't already. Don't hide under a rock. Get these things in order - just incase you need help down the road.


I wanted to let you know that I will always show up for you! I will always try to help you be the LIGHT in the dark times too. I am not going anywhere and I want to thank you for being part of my FIT-COMMUNITY - even if you are not active right now, I know that you will be back one day!


I wanted to share some of my bite-sized trainings and resources that I have tucked away in my archived library incase you need them. Now is a great time to invest in yourself, jumpstart that DREAM IDEA YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO DO, set new goals, think about starting an online business or whatever it might be - here are a few things that I have tucked away in the vault that I've pulled out during this time.......

Please let me know if you need help with any of them - they are helpful tools but I am only one email away too! Most of these are FREE !!! Check them out - I hope you find them helpful.

1. Join my current MINDSET MATTERS group going on now

2. Become a coach on my team and work from home, helping others

3. Vision Board online workshop: Make your dreams come true

4. Goal Setting like a boss: Learn how to set goals that actually come true

5. The Sugar Detox Guide: Online version to losing weight and getting healthier includes recipes and full grocery list

6. Hashtags Unleashed: Have you ever wondered how to use hashtags on instagram to get more traction and followers? Or how to use them as search options? This mini course shows you HOW! I struggled too....until I learned this strategy.

7. Sugar Free Grocery List - printable to use over and over again

8. ABs Blueprint - how to lose the fluff around the tummy

12. E2E: Empty Comments to Engaged Conversations: This is if you run any type of facebook group and your have CRICKETS going on - you'll love this! It works!

If you are looking for Nutrition options to keep your health on track without all the FAD DIETS - I share all of my favorites HERE!


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