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I' m sharing my #getunstuck printables to master your business, body & mind!

Every now and then you just have to reflect, refocus and RESET your mission. There is a season for everything we do and we have to make sure it's bringing us JOY AND HAPPINESS!

I'm still coaching, I'm still into all things health & fitness, that's staying forever! It's just over the past 4 months that the tug in my soul has been to also help others that I see struggling (in all areas). I see other women struggling to grow an online business or being stuck in a cubicle hating their jobs...that truly breaks my heart. I see other health & fitness professionals struggling to increase their business or get their clients to stop falling off track. I talk to so many frustrated women who want to grow in some sort of direct sales side jam and they are hustling their butt off but when they cannot get anyone to buy from them or join their team, they simply give up and think "it's just not for me"...when in fact, IT SURELY CAN BE, but you might need to get a little coaching to get the right strategy in place - but first work on that mind set and learn to PUSH THRU those challenging times.

I see posts from women in business all the time that are just down right salesy and the photos are all company stock photos - right away, my helpful brain wants to message them and say - hey, you know you could do this another way right?? It's about relationships, building great value and TRUST that's going to help you provide a service to your customers and allow them to be loyal - don't SELL THEM - service them. Learn them on a personal level ya know?!

If you are a coach or if you are trying to grow your SIDE JAM with some type of side hustle that you truly want to become your FULL TIME GIG - you can do it. You have to have a lot of patience and you have to be willing to invest in yourself to obtain some tools to help you actually have a strategy instead of throwing pasta at the wall...just waiting to see if it's gonna stick!

I'm going to help you - I'm bringing you all the things that have helped me get to where I am today and I'm not sure why I never even thought to share these things with you before - I mean the goal is for us all to MAKE IT right! I'm sharing my #getUnstuck Method rolling out piece by piece so I hope you'll join me for the ride to really get clarity on your goals and how you can get your business, finances, etc on track. We've all got to have that SHINY SPARLY THING that is your actual MISSION BEHIND WHAT YOU DO - this SHINY SPARKLY THING is what you can always refer back to to remind yourself WHY YOU ARE DOING what you are doing in the first place. It helps keep that bigger picture in mind!


So, I'll be coming out soon with a way for you to zone in on your actual mission - rather than to just "sell some mascara" or "sell some product" - there is more to it than that! promise - I'll coach you thru this too!!

My mission: To help WOMEN & online business builders by giving them resources to MASTER their biz, body, confidence, big goals and mindset!


The #getUnstuck Method teaches you new habits that will lead to any or all of the following: 

having more energy,

being excited to pop out of bed with a bigger purpose,

finding your true passion,

building your own side jam of income,

losing weight,

figure out my true mission (my why)

doing a full sugar detox (hey, it's an option)

learning how to organize and be in control over your life,

me time,

investing more in yourself without feeling guilty 

build self confidence along the way

start a new routine,

get things done,


make your dreams come true,

pay off debt,

.....once you start implementing all of the tools I teach you, you will start to feel a shift happen!  That says "shift"! lol Check out some of the printables that are ready for you to use now. They are only available for a short period of time though - !!!

I customize all of my education, systems, methods and strategies to each individual client or group.  If you and/or your team would like assistance and/or education on an effective #getUnstuck method and to be a part of the #getUnstuck community, let's chat!

Please be sure to tune into my PODCAST for more in depth tips and tools to start making a shift in the right direction. I would love for you to subscribe and leave me a review so I can continue to bring you more valuable resources based off of your needs! Thank you so much, X.HN


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