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i've got a secret...COMING TO A BARNES & NOBLE NEAR YOU!

I am so freaking excited to share this with you! I know in my heart that if you are reading this, you have been with me for a while now. I started back in 2009 and it's taken some pivots, detours, turns and u-turns thru the years but my HEART is here at GlitterU - it's where everything STARTS!

I wanted to share this secret with you first! HERE on GlitterU - I finally did it - A HUGE DREAM OF MINE is to become an author in the Health & Fitness industry to help others and eventually GET MY BOOKS INTO THE BIG STORES!!! Well, I've made some my 7-Day Sugar Detox Book is available through Barnes & Noble book stores - YES!!! THE BIG GUYS!!! For now, they just released it to purchase ONLINE but I hope to be on the shelves at a bookstore near you soon!!

I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU for your support and believing in me and being part of my journey! Don't ever let anyone tell you that you CAN'T DO SOMETHING that you know you truly want to do!


I love you all so very much - WOO HOO!!!! I'm crying right now!!

you can experience MY BOOK ONLINE AT BARNES & NOBLE with me!!!

It looks like this and I want to save this moment in my mind forever!!!!


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