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A bit of inspiration & motivation for you on this beautiful Sunday! You get to choose every single thing on your schedule. That’s a good time. That’s the best life. YOU get to decide.

Friday kicked off the most awesome Holiday Weekend! IT was OUR OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the brand new "TO-DO LIST & BRAIN-DUMP" notebooks on Amazon and we still have a HUGE week ahead this is everything we have been working on for the past 6 months and it’s FINALLY HERE !!

I want to personally say THANK YOU to all of my planner, journal & notebook lovers: my teachers, nurses, friends, business professionals and fitness lovers out there who have purchased your NEW BRAIN DUMP CROWN NOTEBOOKS in this PRE-LAUNCH already! My heart is so very happy that you LOVE THE "6x9" and the 7"x10" options that fit so perfectly in your purse, gym bag and travel bags! We will never leave home without it and this WILL KEEP US ALL FROM SQUIRRELING OUT again!

To celebrate, I got to go to an amazing BASEBALL GAME with my favorite humans on the planet and IT WAS THE PERFECT NIGHT. No humidity, great SKYBOX seats overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Had some fresh fruit, peanuts & popcorn....... It was absolutely perfect!

You can catch some of it on my IG stories......

I just shared an exclusive email to all of my GlitterU subscribers with our MEMORIAL day sale event and I’ll be sharing all the details on my next Podcast and it was sooo fun !

This is how we become happy women in the second half of life! WE get intentional about our life. We stop numbing out and we LIVE a life full of things that fill our tea-pot so we can pour into our little tea-cups.

Last chance to join my group that starts June 5th! Don’t miss this chance to change everything!

From the bottom of my heart thank you for all of the love and support of this pre-launch it hasn’t even officially launched yet and I can feel the excitement from here ! Xx, Heather



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