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It's a new online system: It's a new lifestyle: MOVEMENT IS KEY! | HEATHER NEWMAN FITNESS

MOVEMENT IS THE KEY! If there is a secret sauce, this is it!

MOVEMENT is the key to keeping our bodies in the best shape possible.

There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL! You don't have to FLIP A TRUCK, or a tire, you don't have to sweat for 2 hours every single day, you don't have to feel pain, you don't have to lift heavy weights......NOPE! I've never agreed with any of that stuff.

As I am uncovering studies and developing the choreography in our TONE:N:10 Online Studio.....I am discovering the things that I've always HONED in on but never had a way to express it until now.

When you align yourself with specialists and resources written by professors and doctors who know how the body works and the science behind it all.....muscles are really meant to be used and "movement is the key."

I was a dancer most of my life. I started at age 3 and I danced until I worked my way into FITNESS instruction at the age of 21.

I struggled in nutrition my entire life and I have a lot of compassion for people who just cannot figure it out.

I've studied, took courses, got certifications, graduated in methodologies....but I have opened myself up to learning and creating choreography - I am staying focussed on my research - It's my passion, it's my calling, I love seeing people not fall into the QUICK FIX ITEMS.....

I understand a jump start (a kick start) - but to look at yourself in the mirror and understand the DAILY GRIND AND THE DAILY WORK that connects to our body and health....this is what I want to help teach people.

I love seeing people become comfortable in their own body - I love seeing you learn how to be takes time and it's a daily practice. I encourage you to invest in your NEW DAILY PRACTICE in the ONLINE TONE STUDIO....just :10 minutes a day of mindful, focussed movements for your body & soul. It's not's not's TONE! It's customized choreography that I am bringing to you piece by piece. Every step of this new lifestyle and journey will be unveiling each layer by layer of the onion......your body is going to reach new levels. MOVEMENT EVERY DAY in TONE is going to be your new FOCUS GROUP.

Movement is so critical for health. YOU DON'T STOP. Movement keeps everything working properly. If you don't MOVE it, you lose it.

I'm giving you options on movement to pick what you love and have a go to for you to decide what you love and what works for you! I'm on this journey with you! My friend, we learn together but we keep moving and we enjoy movement to make it part of our lifestyle!

When I get asked, how should i exercise? How do I incorporate movement in my life? It's so key to keep moving....I think you need to have certain standards that you set for yourself.

You have to understand that this is actually more than getting bikini ready.

Once you start - looking for balance and learning YOUR PARTS inside.....spirit, soul, body, being.......we live in such a world of perfection - it's mind blowing!

Let's strip away everything from your past - how you got here? Travel down that path mentally. Your mental health is so important in order to achieve the right physical health. Stop being a collector of things - actually start doing them. And by that, I mean MOVING. Move with TONE daily :10 minutes to commit to a MOVEMENT HABIT that will start to transform you mentally, emotionally and physically. You can and will feel comfortable in your own skin with MOVES.

Where are you today and why should you show up for your physical self?

There is no quick fix. There is NOT a comparison in daily activity and daily FOCUS ON MOVEMENT - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE....A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I'm teaching this thru the TONE ONLINE EXPERIENCE.....every week we will uncover the new journey you are going on with MOVEMENT & exercises.

The first 3 weeks are about MINDFUL MOVEMENT and the 4th week is focussed on FUNDAMENTALS OF OUR BODY & MOVEMENT .... the connection of our mind to really focus on what the muscles are doing.

It doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't matter if you have extra weight on you - you just need to start somewhere. So I appreciate you leaning into my knowledge...... - with physical - don't lean into the things that don't feel good.....

When it burns..push thru unless something is pinching - know the difference between a good pain and a hurt pain.

If you join into streaming - the first place to start is ARMS......conductors LIVE THE LONGEST - they move their arms to music for their lifetime......they move their arms and keep them in motion - get comfortable to different movements...

BODY IMAGE is so high on the charts that create self esteem issues. Understanding your own body and knowing what is best for your body - is so very important.

If you want to improve your body and look & feel your best - it's an important topic:

it's one of the worst things we do to ourselves. Life is so short.....stop picking yourself apart. Stop wishing for someone else's height, weight, butt, etc.

Every workout I create takes time. When I put this TONE COLLECTION out piece by piece- I want it to work for the right people who are open to movement in a new light. I want everyone to be able to grab their piece and use it to help you reach your goals. As TONE unfolds...your feedback on this MOVEMENT SYSTEM is so very important to it's success. Your testimonials...your feedback and your progress is crucial in finding the right system and method .....

I'LL SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO - God Bless you and your health

Thank you for your support - you are such a blessing!

xoxo, Heather


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