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It's here! Just in time!

Emotions need MOTION just as much as your physical health depends on it. When we come out of this CHALLENGING time, I want you to feel as good in your body, if not better than you did before.

We'll have certainly learned a lot about ourselves when that day comes, and how to show up for your health can and should be one of those lessons.

Here's how (and what you need) to get started in my TONE Online Studio

1. go to (pricing/plans tab)

2. Sign up for the 1-week trial before it ends

3. Find a mat, or a soft surface. Ideally you will have access to a small pair of 3 pound hand weights, a set of ankle weights. If you don't have access to this equipment yet, it's okay. We'll make it work.

4. Choose your fitness level. I encourage you to start with BEGINNER LEVEL regardless of your experience. New classes are delivered to your ONLINE private library daily - for you to do ON YOUR TIME - anytime of the day or week.

This is where you will find me designing your body through a :10 minute workout Method that I will instruct you when it's time to LEVEL UP based on YOUR goals and your body/mind.

Even more guidance can be found in our online Private facebook group and thru the TONE APP.


"You can't beat the convenience of the online classes and trainings: it's always open regardless of the time of day or weather forecast"

"Super affordable, you should be charging more for what all you do and what we get"

"Heather, your online studio gets me to mix it up and I love how you customize our workout plan - it's so easy to follow. I pick which body part I want to focus on that day based on my mood for sure which is super cool. I love how you keep us guessing and no 2 workouts are the same. It's super easy and convenient."


Who doesn't have :10 minutes to TRY investing in a NEW YOU - See you in the Online Studio xoxo, H


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