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It's here and it's FREE! I've been praying and praying, meditating and looking for answers to help BABES get to know our GOD a little better. I felt I wasn't qualified to lead or host a Bible Study but GOD doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called!

There is a FACEBOOK PAGE called Lite Your Soul that I was sparked to create the day after my Aunt Jane passed away. It was a place that I could share HIS WORD and the WORDS OF THE BIBLE that helped push me thru some really dark days. I'm a very private person and I don't OPEN UP MY HEART to many - so this was a platform that I could just share HIS WORD with the help of my dear friend Lisa (I am so very grateful for her). Thank you Lisa!!

After praying and trying to figure out where my BRAND is headed and what I want my business and life to look like, I struggled to SEE CLEARLY so I dove into some heavy meditations and plenty of PRAYER. Listening to HIS WORD, along side my dear friend Amy (thank you Amy) - I had his nudge on my heart to share HIS WORD and the teachings I've been LEARNING (I AM FOREVER A STUDENT)....... SO HERE WE ARE.....Lite Your Soul: Bible Study by GlitterU.

It's free. It's a place to call HOME with other BABES (women only) - BABES WHO LOVE ALL THINGS GOD, LIPSTICK, ANTI-AGING TRICKS, WORKING OUT, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TRICKS and most things that SPARKLE! Please share with your friends who might need this in their life too!

I'd love to have you join us on this journey.

To join LITE YOUR SOUL BIBLE STUDY group. simple fill out this form and I'll send you the PRIVATE LINK to our group that has the STUDY we will be starting with! I'll make it as FUN AND UPLIFTING AS POSSIBLE!

Luv ya Babe! Keep being HOT!




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