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Keep Calm & In Control During Uncertain Times: Control the Controllable: Heather Newman

A special reminder! I woke up this morning feeling a complete sense of uncertainty! As a mom, woman and wife, I didn't like this feeling at all. The entire planet seems a bit out of control right now to me - there is something to be alarmed about every time we turn the corner.

We as women are usually the solid ROCK SOLID fixture for our families, setting the pace of what goes on and it can be super easy these days to spiral (like I usually do) really fast into a place of STRESS AND ANXIETY! - As we already know, this does NO ONE any good.

In times like these I have to remind myself that I have coached this for many years - WE CAN ONLY CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLE.

What do we tend to do when we feel stress and anxiety? Make poor choices and decisions.

From binging the train wreck NEWS to binging ice cream, it's super easy to go down the super stress spiral and start spinning.


While life will always come with the things that we cannot control - WE CAN CONTROL how we respond.

This allows us to take life by the HORNS and navigate thru the rough times and the "cray" all around us.

So here I am this morning sitting at my desk trying to ease my own mind and soul by sharing 5-tips for STAYING IN CONTROL and STAYING CALM amidst all the Uncertain Times around us.

1. Own your morning: You watch me every morning (if you follow me on snapchat and/or my IG stories or if you are part of my Online Fit Gym) It all starts here. There is magic in setting the tone of your day by getting up early and being intentional about your daily beginnings. Whether that's a MORNING ROUTINE (see mine here)

or just simply being mindful by engaging in uplifting activities such as daily affirmations and writing down 3 things you are grateful for every morning before the rest of the world creeps in your space.

2. Control what you ALLOW INTO YOUR MIND. Don't give into the temptation to hit the snooze button or scroll thru anxiety inducing social media, negativity first thing in the morning. This lets someone else dictate what goes into your mind as you start your day.

I highly recommend listening to an uplifting, motivating podcast, reading an uplifting devotional book or watching a motivating video. Fill your mind and only allow the good stuff in. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. You are in control of what YOU ALLOW IN YOUR MIND SPACE. Only you can control this and set your own boundaries and limitations. This matters all the time but especially during stressful times.

3. Be mindful of WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH. I believe there is such power in community and who we allow into our lives matters more than you might realize or think about. Your TRIBE AFFECTS your VIBE.

Surround yourself with positive, peaceful people who lift you up and don't drag you down.

4. Take charge of your body. If you look at science, there is a ton of valuable data that validates when we move our bodies, we simply become better humans.

Not just physically but mentally too and hello if you suffer from STRESS AND ANXIETY - like I do - THIS ALLOWS us to deal with what the world throws at us so much better.

Plain and simple - get moving on a daily basis and reclaim your body and mind amidst the chaos. Ways to crush your goals!

5. Watch what you put INTO YOUR MOUTH. You are what you EAT. Seriously. If you eat like crap, you will feel like crap.

Motivation 101: click photo below

Listen, we all want to live our BEST LIVES! These five habits will help you live your best live even when it feels like things are spinning all around you. Think of the like fuel - a way to supercharge your insides and out. REACH OUT to me anytime!!


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