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Last Call : It's time to have some fun - Online 4 week BootyCamp with Heather we start March 2nd


We are filling up and there are only 5 spots left for our Annual Bikini BootyCamp and this year it's gonna be so much FUN! You want to get motivated? Here is how to start!

I often hear from so many from coaching thru the years that it's just so hard to even get motivated.....

You want to feel OUTSTANDING AGAIN but you just can't seem to make it a priority. Going out to lunch and dinners and partying up on the weekends just seems to be the VORTEX YOU might live in but you want to figure out a way to make all that different.....

I used to WOOOP IT UP on the weekends sometimes too but I felt like total crap for 2-3 days after and knew that I wasn't doing anything good for my insides - and it started to reflect on the outside and in my jeans for sure.

So I made the decision to go for something more…. Something I knew I had in me. I just had to make a decision and commit. Fully commit. Not half in and half out - just all in!

I started again with getting dialed in at the start of my program (whichever one that was at the time) and stayed focus and committed for 4 weeks. I followed the program first with increasing my water intake. I journaled everything I ate and then I made the switch. I went all in - I committed to HEATHER and I knew she wanted to feel better - feel amazing!!! It starts on the inside way before it shows up on the outside!

I have to say it flew by. Just a few weeks.....Not once did I feel restricted or deprived. It was all about BALANCE. I never wasted time weighing my food, counting points, macros or calories. Not once did I have to pay a personal trainer or nutritionist. I didn't spend hours in a gym, have to pay membership fees or get confused or overwhelmed by a slew of machines…

I just followed a system that I know works. It’s been my recipe for over 2.5 years now and it’s what has truly changed my life.

It’s what allows me to mayyyyybe fall off track sometimes and live a little. The fact that I can get my groove back in less than a month feels GREAT!

And all of this from home.... wait… WHAT?

Yep, as long as I had WIFI or my apple tv, fire stick or laptop handy, I was good to go! (it comes with me on vacation too)

For me, it’s no longer about a 6 pack - although I still try hard in that area lol, losing weight or being “skinny”. As a matter of fact, I hate the word skinny.....

To me, this whole journey is about Living life at your MAX… it’s about optimum health, vitality, energy and just feeling freaking fantastic every damn day!

I made a commitment to love myself enough to kick my own booty. I decided that I needed to take my nutrition, my health and my fitness to the next level and I knew exactly how to do it.

And CRUSH It!!

I KNOW you can too!!! I’ve tested it, It’s proven and this is how it all works:

Everything is done from your home and online. You don’t have to go anywhere or live in a particular city. I literally provide you with everything you need: Meal Plan, super

Simple Portion Control,

Delicious Daily Superfoods Shake ( i do 2x a day if i'm struggling with my sweet tooth cravings), Meal prep hacks and Daily check ins with ME , your free coach. I promise accountability, Support and endless resources. I often chat LIVE in our ONLINE FIT GYM and we HANG OUT TOGETHER and talk about REAL LIFE ISSUES AND CHALLENGES.

Here's the catch, I’M ONLY ready to take on people who are READY to CRUSH it for 4-weeks starting March 2!

People who want to challenge themselves, learn, check in, change their lives and finally FEEL freaking OUTSTANDING!

I’m outstretching my hand but YOU have to be COMMITTED, dedicated and willing to invest in yourself!

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, then I cannot wait to get started!!!



  1. This is about a life change, a fresh start and not some crash diet or magic pill. You need to make a decision to commit to YOU! Daily improvements and good choice towards a better healthier you.

  2. Get in this for the long haul! Yes, you'll see results in as little as a week and get a serious jaw dropping transformation in 21-28 days. But if you Take what you learn during those days , you'll change your life.

  3. When I first started this journey,   I would check into my challenge group every morning, post my workout , rate myself and my efforts, share what I ate the day before and ask for help in the areas I struggled with.  That group really was my support within the comfort of my own home!

  4. I don't know about you, but I am SO NOT a gym person. I teach in a studio at the gym (love group fitness) but I personally don't like feeling like a have to share equipment or be judged by people and honestly, I just like my space and be able to go FULL out at a workout and KNOW no one is watching and wear whatever the toot I want to!

  5. Lets face it, its easy to skip a workout, to not make healthy food choices and of course to ignore the feeling in your gut to dig deeper if you don't have that accountability! That's the secret about the atmosphere & community I create!

  6. It's not about a shake and a list of workouts.

  7. Its about being a part of something more and knowing that you matter to others.

  8. I Declare THESE 4 weeks until the start of summer I want to invite you to join me in a 4 week MINI BIKINI Bootycamp! I want to help you Meal Prep, Plan and Eat Clean! Learn how to properly fuel your body for energy, weight loss, and how to make this a lifestyle change vs temporary fix.

  1. I am going to share my meal planning tips and tricks, give you recipes, tips and ideas to help you achieve your goals.

  2. Whether its 5lbs or 50 lbs I can help!

  3. I really truly love what I do and I love seeing other people achieve AMAZING results.

  4. If this sounds like something you would like to start , I am inviting you to join me on March 2nd.

  5. All you need to do is commit to purchasing your personalized FIT-KIT , you replace 1 meal a day with a super foods smoothie and in return I will add you to my exclusive online accountability and support group (FIT GYM) where each day you will get group support from me, daily motivation, daily check ins and the ultimate accountability!



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