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When my plate would get completely full - not the one I eat off of - but the MOM WEARING ALL THE HATS plate - I would either FREEZE from being too overwhelmed or I would get close to having an anxiety attack. It's taken practice and growth to manage these situations but with these TOOLS that i'm sharing with you - they have taught me to BRAIN-DUMP first and then move forward again.

In this latest podcast, you can hear my passion - I don't mean to ever sound bossy - as it might come off that way if you don't know me personally - but i promise, i have a heart of gold and I AM JUST THAT PASSIONATE about helping you find the tools to change your world around and GO FOR THE BIG DREAMS that you might have forgotten you had or that you pushed aside so that you could take care of everyone else in your life.

There are some bombshells of WISDOM in this episode - some you might not agree with at first because they might sound selfish - but I promise you - it's about your HEALTH and your SANITY if you are struggling right now.

I hope this helps!

Grab your ear buds and a notebook and let's chat 1:1 - please subscribe over on Itunes and please please leave me a review if you find this helpful!

I appreciate you and I hope you have a HAPPY HOLIDAY season -

xoxo, Heather


You can listen over on YOUTUBE by clicking here:

or pull it up on ITUNES -


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