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Let's Plan To Crush Your Goals: and dream a little bigger!

This is a subject that is truly a big part of my life these days and a major piece of my heart. As you already know, I have a team of coaches that I always share my business advice and we hang out and talk about "the daily grind" - I call it my "Team Hangout" in a very private setting.

I am thinking I will use this post as a guide for Friday's Podcast too - so if you'd like to hear that - you can subscribe here to make sure you don't miss it - I'm talking all things that help me stay on track. The things that changed in my life in order to start crushing goals. Goals that I never even had in my past! I just truly didn't know what I wanted. I thought I did but it was merely a WISH! A THOUGHT!

But what I've learned and what I teach is how to make these things actually become your reality. I never in a million years thought I'd be sitting behind my computer on a WEEK DAY AT HOME with my dogs by my side and a cozy heater in my yoga pants, drinking my Unicorn Juice preparing to go do my :30 minute workout "whenever I wanted to"....AND THEN, i'm headed to target to pick up some groceries and some Birthday goodies for the hubby who just turned 50 - wooop)... and then come back home to have my SuperFoods Smoothie and help my team teach the same thing. Like what?!@#$%^ I do not write this to brag about any of it. It's simply what I wanted in my life and I'm actually doing it now. I just want you to see that you can DO WHATEVER IT IS you truly want - IF AND ONLY IF you truly want it and you are ready to make change happen.

Let's talk about the 3 types of Life there is - and remember ONLY YOU HAVE THE CHOICES that make these happen. Every choice you make in life either puts you closer to your goals or takes you further away from them.

1. The first kind of life I want to discuss is the CAGED LIFE!

This is when you have a gorilla from the wild and you put him into a cage. What happens? He goes NUTS!!!! The first thing he wants to do is get out. He tries and tries again....eventually, he just gives up and he just lives and conforms to this "caged life". SAD. When you go to the zoo, you can see it in their faces, that their life is not that joyous!

I compare this to the people who sit behind a computer or iphone and throw hateful mean comments on social media! They are living this caged life of judgement as they sit back and hurt people.

Most of us have felt the same pain before right...they feel alone, like nobody understands them and it's sad. They feel anger towards the people living the life they actually wanted or thought they did.

The lesson here is to be OPEN. Be open to know that there is good out in the world and be open to receive LOVE.

2. Comfortable Life!

I think most people live here! They have dreams, beautiful ideas and want to do things...they feel things pulling on their hearts.

How many of you think "that could be my future"; "I wish that was my life too"......

These people are going thru the motions-----only!

They go thru the motions of every day life and let life dictate their next move. They are simply paying the bills, just getting by...winging it, their job is just making ends meet - and they probably get that inside voice or whisper often that says "is this it"? Is this the way the rest of my life looks?

The key here is to realize there is opportunity. But how do I get there?

How to get to your destination?


You are on a mission to continue to climb because you know it will be worth it. You squeeze everything out of life - You have clear intent.

How do you get the charged life? Be detailed and specific! I teach you all about this in my DreamCourse!!!! Start here:

The key to a charged life is to take that energy, set the goal and DO IT!

Your goals can be 4 years away - but be hungry, break free....You have to get uncomfortable. You have to get out of your own way. You have to get uncomfortable to get the results you want. You can overcome the odds. Speak to the world, write a book. Exercise. Get off of the sofa. Move! I can help you with that HERE!

Be specific about your goals - not just "I want to travel". Why do you want to travel? What does it look like? What does it smell like? What does it feel like? Get very specific. How much does it cost? What airline will you fly with? What month will you go in? GOALS - DREAMONLINECOURSE!!!! You can figure out how to do this HERE!

It does take some grit and hardwork - But if you believe you can do it. Do the steps it takes and DREAM BIGGER. Be scared!!!!

BE - DO - HAVE!!!

You can have your dream life. You have to start with setting goals though. What does your dream life even look like? You have to see it to even begin to get there.


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