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Want to stay connected to you can be on top of your FITNESS GAME?

Simply text the word "GLITTER" to 66866 for online & LIVE workout reminders. Or if you're wanting regular inspo, fitness and nutrition tips, and actionable ideas around motivation, morning routines, personal development, MID LIFE weight gain STRUGGLES, and more, text "GLITTER" to 66866, too!

Sometimes we all need a little nudge of inspiration and a tiny push is all we need to make our day a productive one!



Because of the crazy changes this COVID-19 brought into our lives, many of us have had to really rethink fitness - and everything else for that matter.

Gyms....have closed.....schedules have changed.... and many life shifts have taken place.

You and I both know that Quarantine fitness and nutrition have been a real struggle.

Have you noticed all of the meme's on social media about the Q:15 about gaining unwanted weight????

It's important to approach this REBOOT phase of our lives by first giving ourselves a little bit of GRACE. Then follow it up with some tough love.

As gyms and other recreational facilities start opening's a great time to assess our fitness routines.

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Did you know that after I did more research on this, 50% of people who join a gym quit going within just six months?

Man.....I do understand that most humans get BORED! I'm one of them, that's why I always try to CHANGE IT UP a bit....

when people get bored, we often move on to something else right?


Having lots of fitness options means variety and convenience, which usually leads to consistency...that way you can keep changing it up and keep the muscles guessing what's coming next which in turn creates a lot of RESULTS! It's a system that works....keeping with a program.

If I can help you sort through fitness options, feel free to REACH OUT


I am here to help you plug into life-changing habits using fitness and nutrition plans that are customized to meet your needs. Stay healthy, stay safe and YOU DO YOU! Don't let anyone tell you when you are or are not ready to get back to things they way they were - who knows, you might not want to go back!

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