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I AM FREAKING HONORED TO BE PARTNERING UP WITH MY GIRL JENNIFER COOK to offer you one of the BEST PROFESSIONAL GRADE self tanners on the market today. I've been testing and trying several for years now and this is by far my CURRENT GO TO THIS SUMMER!!

My Barre-Babes were just complimenting me (thank you so much) on my tan last week and asked if I was using anything special so HERE IT IS - MY SECRET IS OUT!!! I might have to change my BRAND COLORS TO GOLDEN for the summer if I keep up with my PINK MIT AND MOUSSE!!

Keep scrolling to see WHY this one is working for me and why I know you'll love it too.

You can pre-order your KIT today by clicking here: ORDER NOW

Professional Self-Tanning Mousse Kit
Kit Includes:
6.7 oz|200 ml Professional Self-Tanning Mousse
1 Professional Application Mitt
(Blends Tan to Perfection, Soft Velvet, Waterproof Lining & Washable) 
These Professional Grade Tanning Products are formulated and designed to create the most natural looking tan for all skin types, instantly. This product’s unique formulation is made with the finest ingredients and purest vitamins.
Save your skin and go sunless, for healthy glowing skin.
STAY OUT OF THE SUN for health benefits but get the glow of healthy sun-kissed skin.

This tanning formula will keep your skin looking radiant all-year-long.
The creator, and my friend Jennifer, has  poured over 12 years of tanning experience into this
Self-Tanning Formula and combined everything you could possibly want for a beautiful, natural looking tan.
Trust someone that knows …. You will Love Your Tan!
Congratulations! You have just found your new favorite tan!
The Ultimate in Self-Tanning Products.
With this Professional Strength Custom Formula, you now can have a
Beautiful Luxurious Tan anytime & anywhere.
  • Professional Strength Dermatology Grade

  • Long Lasting

  • Streak Free

  • Beautiful Bronzing Color Guide

  • Fades Evenly

  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin

  • Guaranteed No Orange

  • Fragrance Free-No Self-Tan Smell

  • Certified Organic DHA

  • Radiant Natural Tan Color

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

  • Paraben, Sulfate and Toxin Free

  • Rich In The Purest Vitamins

  • Highest Quality Ingredients

Dark Professional Strength Self-Tanning Mousse

The Perfect Tan Every Time!


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