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Marching into Dreams & Dumbbells & Declutter !! Heather Newman:

Marching into a NEW FRESH MONTH, a new FRESH WEEK and a NEW FRESH START. As I mentioned in my Facebook Post - This month is all about Dreams & Dumbbells & Declutter !!!

Dreams: Can you relate to how I lived for years? I would lose weight BECAUSE vacation was coming, save money BECAUSE Christmas was coming and clean up the house BECAUSE company was coming?!

I prayed on this and prayed on this......Then HE dealt with me about being DISCIPLINED in every area of my life (all year long): saving money, working out, being organized, etc... But HOW???

By making my daily routine non-negotiable! It wasn’t enough for me to rely on “motivation” - I had to change my “habits”! And HE began to teach me how to do this 5 years ago . . . and I’ve never stopped! (Thank you Jesus!)

  1. So I want to encourage you today to start being more disciplined about your HABITS rather than relying on MOTIVATION to guide you... And I promise, you will begin to see real RESULTS!Comment with a 💪 if you are ready to start being disciplined about your HABITS! It all starts with A THOUGHT - then we turn that THOUGHT INTO YOUR VISION - I walk you thru the exact steps that I use to this day that have made my VISION MY REALITY - You can grab a limited time only SPOT in my Online Dream365 mini workshop - once you are in - it's yours to do ON YOUR TIME in the pockets of time that you have (I know our time is precious) but it will CHANGE THE WAY you do EVERYTHING and your life will start to go in the direction that you TRULY WANT IT TO - just by doing these VITAL BEHAVIORS

  2. Jump into the mini-training with me here: I hold your hand every step of the way - you print out your workbook pages and watch my LIVE VIDEOS - that's it! You are on your way........ I WANT A SPOT - BEFORE THE ONLINE WORKSHOP CLOSES!!! (ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE THIS ROUND)

Any time you go after a DREAM & leave your comfort zone, FEAR & DOUBT will always try to stop you! What do you do?

🗣 That's when you need to speak scriptures like this out loud 👉🏼 "Be strong and courageous! Don't be afraid or discouraged...for there is a POWER far GREATER on our side!"👊🏼 (2 Cron 32:7)

🗣 Speak what you seek until you see what you've said! You must learn a new way to speak before you can master a new way to live!

  1. 🗣 Remember: your words are powerful! Miracles start to happen when you starve your doubts and speak by faith!


DUMBBELLS: This is my favorite must have daily routine. JOIN MY ONLINE FIT GYM AND BE MY SOCIAL WORKOUT BFF!!!


DECLUTTER!!!! Do you ever feel overwhelmed because your home has evolved into a never-ending to-do list in your head that constantly nags at you? I'm going to be sharing all the TIPS AND HACKS to DECLUTTER YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS... How?! This month I'm going to be sharing with you this scientifically proven decluttering method that changed my life!!

Be sure you are subscribed here on the BLOG so you don't miss this SPRING CLEANING METHOD -

xoxo, Heather

MARCH IS ALL ABOUT DREAMS - DUMBBELLS - DECLUTTER!!!! I cannot wait to share it all with you......


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