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May HE give you the desire in your heart and make your plans succeed PS20:4

Are you a planner? Are you a dreamer? - Have you ever sat down and written a plan to reach your goals? A goal without a plan is just a WISH!

STOP analyzing the past and start planning your future! HE SAYS👇🏼✨ “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” (Ps 20:4). If you need a strategy and tools to teach you how to start planning for an amazing 2020- I’d love to help!

Why is it so important to actually get coached on how to put your dreams into place? Well, number one, if you haven't been coached by me in the past - how well have you been at putting a strategic plan in place and getting to your goal? How many times do you think you know what your wants are only to realize a year or two later that they were only A THOUGHT because you didn't have the tools to actually put the game plan in place and make bigger things happen in your life?

This is NOT FOR EVERYONE! I'm only coaching my system to the women who really want to see change. The one's who know that there is more that they want out of life and they are tired of doing things the way that they are. I'm talking to the women who know that they are destined to do more in life and they know that they have a bigger purpose but they just can't seem to figure it out. I'm talking to the women who are serious and who are willing to be coachable and stick to a simple plan and commit to this in order to make sure one year from today you are not stuck in the same exact place that you are currently. Is it a desk job that's killing your motivation and drive? Do you dread going to work every Monday and wish you knew how to make changes happen? Are your finances out of wack and you need a clear plan how to save 1K for a cushion in the bank? Are you just ready to try a new way of doing things because you always failed in the past? Ok, then this is for YOU! If any of this resignates with you, this tiny workshop is for you - at your fingertips with my coaching a message away! You are so worth it!


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